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Charlotte Worried about stalled talks with Panthers

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Just curious if anyone listens to WBT 1110 here in the Charlotte area. Keith Larson (morning talk show guy) was ranting about tax money for the Panthers this morning. Not trying to start up the tax argument again but listening to some the callers to the show, you could tell these people were clueless about the NFL, the Panthers or life. All of them (if I can repeat my analogy) act as if JR has a gun to their head demanding there wallet. This crap is really getting frustraing....the state pisses away so much of our tax dollars, but can't help support the regions NFL team in anyway. Anyhow heres the latest. BTW if you look at some of the comments after the article, you can get a feel of what the average caller was like.


Most of these people bitching are probably transplants from Buffalo or Ohio or PA. They could not care less about the Panthers because they go to their shitty local bar and watch their shitty hometown teams. We are talking about a small tax on food and beverage and in the grand scheme, a reasonable amount of $$ from the state. Write your state reps, that's about all you can do. I live in SC so I don't have a vote that counts.

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