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if you guys are serious about this contest just hold some string up to it, make a mark, and mail them over. don't bother lying with your marks i can tell by scent.

now that was funny.

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So...for all of you who remember our friend Alice, I just ran across him on ESPN specifically the Call It: Best offseason in NFCS and he passed on a couple of messages for all my Huddle friends... first one is directed at Kurb:

Well Kurb also had shut my account down for a week and never reactivated it. After seeing what him and his dog, I mean wife looks like, no wonder he's upset, that chicks got a head like a billboard. ...more

User ID:http://sportsnation.espn.go.com/fans/big%20a%20rules

16 Minutes Ago

Next one, just in general:

Check out this thread the Panther fans made on their board showing what they look like, there is so much ugly fail in there it's hilarious, save this link for a good laugh


User ID:http://sportsnation.espn.go.com/fans/big%20a%20rules

22 Minutes Ago

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Feel free to visit him, his name now is Big A Rules aka Alejandro aka Alice.....your welcome

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I'm now considering taking pics down... At least of my family. I don't wanna have to go Wilfork on a fat motherfuger.

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