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eSports COD Championship streams

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lol fps on console

n00biest of the newbs

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    • Just world fallacy:  "If you're poor you MUST be lazy and deserve to live in poverty" "If you're rich it's obviously because you worked hard and are deserving" No gray areas. No societal or logistically or racial barriers which might hold you back. Status quo is good enough. "If I worked hard I have no interest in helping anyone else not because I'm a shitty person but because I feel like suffering builds character." And the same folks making these statements claim we can't think critically and have nuanced discussion. Comical. 

    • Don't even bring Cam in the conversation. He's heads above Derek Carr in accomplishments from NFL records to accolades. Cam deserves his $. There's no comparison.

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    • So I guess I lived a bit of a jaded life, as someone who comes from a mixed race background(mom is Hispanic, dad was white) I've never looked or judged someone based on their race. It was just how I was raised and how I've always viewed things.  And many of my friends were the same way, no one cared and we all came from the same middle class and suburban background. So I thought racism was nothing more then a political myth. I didn't even believe racism was still real when Obama was first elected, if anything I felt that his election just furthered my belief that racism was a lie a played out card for political advantage  harkening to an old dark past of American history that I felt had died back in the 60's. An age many years before my own exsistence came to be. Because "look we have elected a black president!" How can we be a racist society if we have a minority president? And boy was I wrong. Since Obama was elected all I have seen since then was how divided we really are as a country based on race relations, now I in no way believe Obama caused any of this, I believe it was something that was already there and was just now brought back to he surface and to the political forefront since his election. But it truely didn't sink in for me till the last 4 years, with the BLM movement, and counter movements, and Trump winning election. Some things that I thought were from a bygone era have rooted and showed their head again.  So 4 years ago I realized racism was alive and well in America and I feel terrible that it took me that long to realize it.