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Carolina Panthers select G Edmund Kugbila

nfl draft carolina panthers

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:09 PM

Considering we have no idea on Gettleman and his ability to find players because this is his first draft your conclusion may me premature.


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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:09 PM

I just want to point out Jesse Williams JUST got drafted and some of you guys wanted to take him as early as our first round pick.


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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:10 PM

Ya I don't know who the heck this guy is. Is he even the biggest guy still available? My thoughts about Gettleman are getting more negative as we go on with this draft. Let's keep going let's see what we get in round 5. Please for god sakes get a skill guy, some one we can get excited about atleast. I would even take Kenjon Barner.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:10 PM

He's apparently sensitive on the topic. I wrote my post as a joke and offered to help. His reply was. . .interesting (by the way, Zod, I know how to get around your silly censor too.)

Rather than insulting people who do this stuff for a living, maybe take them up on their offer to contribute. I'm not insulting the dude, just pointing out that that with some tweaks we could keep this site up nonstop.

Well he does put a lot of his own time, energy, and money into this place. Most people probably don't care about that. I took your comment as a joke as well but I can definitely see how it would be a little insulting to the guy.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:11 PM

But it wasn't wise for San Fran to take him in the first :rolleyes:

Alot of people had a first round grade on reid. Above cyprien. Hes's faster and a bigger hitter.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:11 PM

Zod I'm available as well if you need anything. I author several free plugins for Wordpress if you use that for the main site (i never looked)

And of course iphone apps if you want one made

Appreciate it.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:11 PM

I didn't know much of the of Kugbila, but I have read a few reports on him and everything sounds promising. If he is someone the scouts and coaches think can play and start it doesnt matter where you pick them. If they felt he would be there later then I am sure they would have waited.... It only takes 1 team to like you to set where you go (EJ Manuel)

Eric Reid is a nice player, great in run support but did struggle last yr in pass coverage. I really liked him and had him as my top saftey, but he needs to be paired with a very good FS to help with deep ball assignments. Jut because he was a 5star out of high school means nothing at this point

All of our Safeties struggled in every area of football last year.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:12 PM

I don't know jackshit about the guy and neither do any of you. I read that we drafted OL and I was happy, so I approve of the pick. It's not like there's really any 5 star amazing can't miss studs in the 4th round anyways.

and you're and idiot if you think this Panther board is bad. Try being on the Carolina Growl board where people could pretty much do whatever they wanted including posting scat and gore and one of the mods was a 17 year old racist kid who would openly admit in private message that he hated black people.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:12 PM

One thing that comes to mind when it it comes to post-draft grades is that teams that rate highly at first usually pick up a few players that were highly rated before dropping in the draft, so their picks seem like steals. But one has to wonder why that player dropped so far in the first place. A lot of receivers went ahead of Patton, and while I think he will be a great pick it's a very curious thing that he dropped so far.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:12 PM

Reid was destroyed in coverage last season yet the Huddle thinks he's a stud.

lol the slammed Vaccaro for that and then love Reid.

Vaccaro is a much better cover safety than Reid is.

Only reason he ever looked good was LSU's secondary was legit, look what hapened when his supporting cast was gone.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:12 PM

Not much to do but hope and pray gettleman knows what he's doing. Risky to take a kid like that when there were some very talented big names left on the board. He must have really wowed them in workouts. Hopefully this works out, we have to get some hits with these late picks if we want to build a contender.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:13 PM

The difference is Gettleman is a football guy. Marty wasn't.

This is the hope, yes. Plenty of football guys have been chumps, and I'll be the first to admit his pride bothers me. His "I've been in this league 30 years I think I know what a good player looks like" comment could be the signpost of what destroys us.