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"Expert" Draft Grades: POST EM IF YOU GOT EM

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NYPantherFan    695

NFC South Analysis:


This wasn’t a flashy draft for the division. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Teams focused on the basics, and no team did a better job of that than Carolina.

New general manager Dave Gettleman apparently believes that everything starts up front. His selection of Lotulelei was a stroke of intelligence and a little bit of luck. By all rights, Lotulelei shouldn’t have been available at No. 14. Just a few months ago, people were talking about him as perhaps the No. 1 overall pick.

But a pre-draft medical scare caused Lotulelei’s stock to fall. He checked out fine medically, and I’m sure the Panthers did plenty of homework on his health situation. They ended up getting the best defensive tackle in the draft. Put Lotulelei in a rotation with Short and Dwan Edwards, and defensive tackle suddenly becomes a strength for Carolina. With the infusion of talent in the middle of the line, a Carolina front seven that’s good everywhere else could become a real force.


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SmootsDaddy89    1,990

aaron catchings posted 37 minutes ago Contributor I

A for gettleman?? I say D- so many we cud hav taken and the only players we came away with and the only needs we addresed were dt, hurney widce had the same draft class

growl/firstdaypick/mgnciergegcnt we know your name now

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pstall    5,759

curious as to what Peter King says. oh my bad smoots. you said experts.

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NanceUSMC    609

Carolina Panthers general manager David Gettleman had just five picks to work with, which gave him fewer chances to get it right. The Panthers lucked out in the first round by snagging the falling defensive tackle Star Lotulelei at 14th overall and then went defensive tackle again in the second, taking Kawaan Short from Purdue.

In Round 4, the Panthers went with an offensive guard (Edmond Kugbila), found a depth inside linebacker in Round 5 in A.J. Klein and got a fantastic value running back in Kenjon Barner in Round 6.

Needs Met: Defensive line.

Value and Depth: There may be no greater value depth signing than Kenjon Barner in this year's draft. Getting Lotulelei in Round 1 was a steal in its own right, too.

Boom/Bust Potential: All of Carolina's picks have greater upside than bust potential.

Grade: A


(link already in the OP, just helping out by pasting the info)

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chknwing    14,188

I stated this before. Its pointless to grade a draft prior to the players drafted taking the field. You cant say this player was a bad pick until you see how they pan out years from now.

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Carolina Panthers (Last Year: 7-9)

2013 NFL Draft Individual Grades:

14. Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah: A Grade

I think Sharrif Floyd would have been a better pick because A) he's a superior pass-rusher and B) he doesn't have any sort of health concerns. But this is still a great pick for the Panthers because they needed tons of help on the interior of their defensive line. Star Lotulelei would have gone in the top 10 if smarter teams were drafting there, so Carolina is reaping the benefits, much like other smarter teams will in the second half of the draft.

Follow @walterfootball for updates.

44. Kawann Short, DT, Purdue: B+ Grade

Back-to-back defensive tackles for the Panthers? Well, it makes sense considering how terrible they were at the position. Short's range was around 28-45, so there is pretty solid value with this selection. The only concern I have here is that the Panthers don't pick again until Round 4, and they have yet to address their woeful secondary.

108. Edmund Kugbila, G, Valdosta State: C Grade

This is a reach, as Edmund Kugbila was widely viewed as a sixth- or a seventh-round prospect. The Panthers needed some competition at the guard position, so maybe Kugbila can eventually claim a starting job.

148. A.J. Klein, ILB, Iowa State: B Grade

I thought A.J. Klein would be a fourth-rounder, so this is a nice value selection. Klein won't project as a starter, but he'll provide depth for a Carolina team that wasn't very deep at linebacker.

182. Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon: B Grade

DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are both immensely overpaid, so one of them will have to go soon. Once that happens, Kenjon Barner will be a nice change-of-pace back. No surprise that he went around the sixth frame.

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C47    1,394

The same guy gave the Raiders an F, and the Raiders actually had a nice draft this year. Guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

Yea the Raiders had a very good Draft. Really confused on that one....

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