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lol are we really denouncing a GM because of late round draft picks

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solorca    216

It's not just the Huddle really, it's the fanbase of nearly every team. Every year, my friends will whine and complain about every pick that isn't someone listed on the "Mel Kiper Best Available" board, even though I know for a fact that they've never watched the player we've drafted, nor have they seen the "Best Available" pick.

It's funny, since the draft "experts" have been proven incompetent compared to actual NFL scouts time and time again.

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beastson    4,323

First, even with Star DT wasn't solidfied. Notice a few other teams doubled down at positions they needed. Making it a position of strength for years to come.

Secondly BPA. Short was considered a first round draft pick and the best pass rusher at DT. Will be a very solid part of our rotation.

Calm the fug down.

1st I am calm

2nd you dont know how these DT's will turn out

3rd, our secondary weak

4th, Cam > our defense. He get hurt which he was a few times it's over

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