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Selling my PSL's (Lower Level)

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I have two PSL's for sale:

Section 104

Row 8

Seats 9 and 10 (seat 10 is on the aisle).

Comments about the section: This is a good section. Catman anchors the front of this section and does his best to keep it lively. Never had any problems in this section as far as panthers fans. Occasionaly, we'll get an opposing teams fan, but for the most part, this section holds it's own.

Reason for selling: We are looking to pick up two additional psl's to make a grouping of four. Will likely take the proceeds from this sale, to buy four together upstairs.

Total Cost (which includes Transfer fee and 2013 season tickets): $11,500 for the pair.

p.m. me if you want additional details.

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