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Parents go to get 2nd opinion, 1st Hospital sends CPS to take child.

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I am trying to understand a scenario as to how these actions could have made sense:

1. Parents remove child from hospital against the doctors recommendation and without a proper discharge

2. Doctors at the first hospital truly believed the child's life is in danger

3. Hospital calls police/CPS believing they were acting in the interest of the child

4. Police foudn the parents and child

5. Doctors at 2nd hospital say child will be fine and the child looks OK

Now....logic seems to suggest that it should stop here and all is well.

However, as protocol, I wonder if by law something more has to happen once a formal charge/complaint/etc was filed by the first hospital and doctor....making sure that everyone was truly working in the best interest of the child.

What would have happened if the first hospital would have been correct....police went to 2nd hospital and believed child was OK....police left....child subsequently died.

I would never have given my child up to them either. But, I am wondering if this is gov't over stepping their bounds or following strict protocol to ensure the health/safety of the child is at the forefront.

Not sure.

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I doubt we're getting all of the story, but... This would not end well for me.

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Clearly the hospital is in the wrong here. But its not as if we dont know why there are rules for the government to get involved

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