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Deangelo Williams Restructures Contract

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Tell me what he was wrong about in his post.

I was simply answering Ivan's question asking who the idiots were that think Gettleman is Hurney 2.0. Not making any comment about aforementioned post. I reserve the right to keep my opinion about that opinion to myself.


That is all.


You are dismissed.

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The Anderson cut was the only thing outside of the standard type actions Hurney would take. That was what the statement said.

Restructuring Hurney's guys? Hurney would have done that. Sign castoffs and backups? Hurney did that. Add a draft class? Hurney did that.

Only think Gettlemen has done that sticks out as a non Hurney type move given the situation was cutting Anderson.

Keeping the band together is was Hurney's MO. Gettlemen has pretty much done that...

If Hurney was here, outside of Anderson what else sticks out that wouldn't likely of done


Hurney would have just pushed cap hits into the future.  Gettleman saved us money now (except in Jstew's case, and the difference is minimal) AND the future.


Obviously every GM does that.


You're minimizing the great work Gettleman has done with the cards he was dealt.  Was he able to go splurge on some overpriced FA?  No.  Would he have if he had $10mil to start with instead of -$15mil?  Maybe, and it would have been done better than when Hurney splurged and brought in guys that amounted to scrubs for the most part.  Hurney did some good things for us, but watching Gettleman work is like finally seeing the Louvre after going your whole life only seeing your kids' fingerpaintings.

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