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Western Conference Finals - Memphis Grizzlies (5) vs. San Antonio Spurs (2)

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I've always had mad respect for Duncan and the Spurs.  Previous to that, I loved David Robinson and his complete game.  Never flashy, but they kill you with technical/team basketball.  Nickel and dime you to death and just wear you down.   Also like mentioned, amazing coach.   Duncan hasn't always got enough credit, maybe because he isn't flashy or because he's perfectly "OK" taking a bankshot since that's the most efficient way to score at that time.  The team is a class act.


I'll also say that the Spurs were definitely the most dominating pro-team (the big 4) in the 2000's.  Three titles and what, 50+ wins each year I think?


Yeah, it seems like the Spurs are constantly overlooked when the conversation of great teams comes up.  I guess it has a lot to do with Kobe/Shaq's Lakers, they were just a lot more marketable and appealing to the general public/casual fans.  But the Spurs have been consistently great for like 15 or so years now.  Always had nothing but respect for Tim Duncan, one of the seemingly chillest dudes in the NBA... and of course David Robinson, that dudes a legend and apparently he's one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet.  Like you said, it's just a great organization from head to toe.

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