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La Pantera

Godfrey improving at FS?

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Maybe this is preseason optimism, but I am not too worried about the secondary.  I worry about RG and WR.  Here is why I think the dbs are going to be fine:


Godfrey is better at FS and he will become more of a QB back there-a veteran leader who can align folks.  That is what Rivera was saying.

Mitchell reminds me of Chris Harris, and we got a gem in Lester.  If neither is better than Campbell, we know what he can do and he should improve.  I would not be too surprised to see a rotation at SS, depending on the Offensive personnel and the down and distance.

At CB, we should be excited about the experience our youth got last year.  I was worried about Norman's confidence, but it seems fine and he is doing well.  Thomas showed that he can be a solid CB, and we are more than set at nickel, probably the hardest DB position to play well.  


Many of our DBs are ball hawks, and they prosper when the QB has pressure to throw.  They can jump routes, etc.  We have all of the makings of a defense that will force the offense into mistakes.  While these DBs are not going to shut down anyone, they should be opportunists, taking advantage of a front seven that will limit the run game and give the QB less time to throw.


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Lester doesn't have the skill set to play FS. He's got stiff hips, he's slow and he struggles in coverage. He's an in the box saftey. Haven't heard anything about him taking FS reps in practice...








210 pounds

(combine numbers will be posted here after combine happens)




2011 Season:

Games: 9

Tackles: 24

TFL: 0

Int: 2

Sacks: 0



Games: 30

Tackles: 84

TFL: 1.5

Int: 10

Sacks: 0


Very intelligent cerebral player

Great center field ability

Always around the ball in the air

Created numerous turnovers

Good return ability after interception

Solid pass coverage when placed on slot WR

 Great coaching

scheme versatility, covers well in zone coverage or man

Good athlete


Decent tackler but far from great

Does not attack the line of scrimmage on run plays

Sometimes tries too hard to get interception, leaving him vulnerable over the top

Does not jam wide receivers when covering slot WR

Has good but not great speed




This scouting report pretty much says the exact opposite of what you just posted. I'm a stick with him at FS. 

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This scouting report pretty much says the exact opposite of what you just posted. I'm a stick with him at FS.



NFL-caliber size and length. Possesses strong hands, height and vertical to high-point passes in jump-ball situations. Can also drop to the ground quickly to get his hands underneath low throws. Sticks his nose into the run game, drops his hips to stop the momentum of churning running backs up the middle. Finds creases to explode through as a blitzer. Uses his long, strong arms to trip up and wrap up ballcarriers coming into his area or wrestle them down from behind. Good hustle in coverage, will track down receivers over the middle.


Not a quick-twitch athlete. High and stiff in his backpedal. Does not have elite hip flexibility to break down quickly as a tackler or turn and run with receivers downfield. Takes time to get to the sideline at times in cover-two and will take incorrect angles to the ball as a tackler and in coverage. Won’t catch faster receivers in trail coverage over the middle. Often doesn't take the proper angle to the ball in the run and pass game. Inconsistent.

Well this one says different. And there's a reason he's competing for the Strong Saftey spot, here. That's what he is...

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