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Kurb wasn't paying attention to his twitter account and got fooled.

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What would be reasonable for them to ask?


Kemba + Multi-Picks?


If that's so and (trying to remember) a couple of our picks are up in the air for next season anyways, wouldn't that be a move that gets the BuzzCats closer to some serious wins?



Do you think projecting out that Kemba will be a) keepable and B) good as or better than Rondo?


IMO, it's hard to tell, as the market will determine his value.  I get the feeling that he won't demand as much as we anticipate he would but, my guess would be Kemba and several picks is the bare minimum needed for us to get him - which is why I don't want to do it.


Again, in my humble opinion, I think Kemba will develop into a very similar player, if not, better player than Rondo eventually.  Rondo is a winner and he can do everything on the court but, there are aspects of his game that I wouldn't really want here as the centerpiece.  Part of he reason he racks up stats like he does is because, IIRC, he used to shrug off plays Doc would call so that he would have the ball in the last seconds of the possession so, he was guaranteed to get a bucket or assist.  And he's very deliberate in what he does.


Again, I like watching him from afar but, weighing all of the pros and cons, I'd much rather have the young guys we have going forward and add to it...  We've already sucked this long, let's get better incrementally and build something sustainable.

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"@Chris_Broussard: Sources: Monta Ellis hoping to choose btwn ATL, Sacramento, Charlotte and Dallas within next 36-48 hours"

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