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Gil Brandt would take YOU over Jimmy Clausen

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in all seriousness i wouldn't be surprised if someone on the huddle could outplay jimmy clausen in a qb battle

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Same as AE pickles never got a fair shake because of where he was drafted. It's not his fault we drafted him that high, if we took a flyer on him in a lower round no one would care, same as AE.

We reached for Edwards and drafted him high....we didn't with Clausen. Not fair to lump Clausen in with Edwards. Edwards was a legit project we overdrafted.

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If given the choice of Clausen or a dried dog turd, I'm taking the turd every time.

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Clausen appears to be a stable goat. 


Stable goats..."serve as "pets" for the racehorses and exert a strange, calming influence on many of the skittish, high-strung thoroughbreds.

"The practice of keeping a goat in the stall with a nervous horse has been around for a long time, probably as long as there have been racehorses," said Arlington trainer Bette Gabriel, recalling that she has seen cases where a horse would become so attached that its goat would have to be brought along to the paddock every time the horse raced.

Although most of the track goats and horses develop a lifelong friendship, Gabriel's goat, Sally, has actually baby-sat three different horses in the four years she has had her.

"She almost seems to know when one has calmed down and it is time to move on to another one that needs her," Gabriel said of her arthritic goat, which currently spends most of its time resting in the stall of Touch the Light, a high-strung 2-year-old.""


Yes, he sucks worse than the Golden Calf as a QB but my point is, Cam seems to like him and if that helps us win, extend that sucker for another 3 years.  It ain't my money.




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