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Shop Bobcats Officially Selling Hornets Merchandise

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Old School Charlotte Hornet Hats: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Mens_Hats

Larry Johnson Jersey: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Mens_Jerseys/Mitchell_And_Ness_Charlotte_Hornets_Larry_Johnson_1991-92_Authentic_Jersey

Mugsy Bogues Vintage Shirt: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Mens_T-Shirts/Majestic_Tyrone_Curtis_Muggsy_Bogues_Charlotte_Hornets_Hardwood_Classics_Name_And_Number_Tri-Blend_T-Shirt_-_Creole_Blue

Charlotte Hornets Vintage Shirt: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Mens_T-Shirts/Mitchell_And_Ness_Charlotte_Hornets_Jumpball_Henley_T-Shirt_-_Purple_Charcoal

Vintage Hornets Tank Top: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Mens_T-Shirts/Mitchell_And_Ness_Charlotte_Hornets_Neon_Summer_Tank_Top_-_White

Vintage Larry Johnson Shirt: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Mens_T-Shirts/Majestic_Larry_Johnson_Charlotte_Hornets_Hardwood_Classics_Game_Face_T-Shirt_-_Black

Charlotte Hornets Ladies Shirt: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Ladies_T-Shirts/Charlotte_Hornets_Ladies_Ash_Distressed_Logo_Triblend_T-shirt

Alyssa Milano Charlotte Hornets Ladies Shirt: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Ladies_T-Shirts/Touch_by_Alyssa_Milano_Charlotte_Hornets_Ladies_Black_V-neck_Tri-Blend_T-shirt

Alyssa Milano Double Charlotte Hornets Ladies Shirt: http://www.shopbobcats.com/Charlotte_Bobcats_Ladies_T-Shirts/Touch_by_Alyssa_Milano_Charlotte_Hornets_Ladies_Black_Double_V_Tri-Blend_Premium_T-shirt

That Larry Johnson shirt looks pretty cool.

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i just opened all of those links, even the lady ones out of excitement!


Edit: OMG if someone could get me a large Hornets tanktop from the official store I swear I would pay pal the money to you.....please for the love of god someone help it's only in XXL

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Unfortunately a lot of the items are currently only in certain sizes, but nonetheless it's cool that we are starting to get some Hornets gear in the shop. I'm heading down the CLT next Thursday so I'll probably stop by the team store and check to see what they are carrying.

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I am so copping that tank top... Now, I'll wait to wear it until I get my guns swole, but yeah, I'm getting it.

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