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NC on the verge of passing the worst voter suppression bill the nation has ever seen

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“The Rachel Maddow Show” will once again feature the controversies swirling around the Watauga County Board of Elections on Thursday, Aug. 22, at 9 p.m. ET.

imgres-142.jpegLiberal host Rachel Maddow will broadcast live from Elizabeth City, which is home to the historically black Elizabeth City State University, where the Pasquotank County Board of Elections barred a senior for running for city council, ruling that his campus address couldn’t be used to establish local residency.


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North Carolina Elections Chairman:  "The real theme of the conference needs to be 'let's not have any more of our meetings show up on YouTube,'" Howard told the crowd.


Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/08/21/4252573/nc-state-elections-chairman-preaches.html#storylink=cpy






Monday at 9am was the first time the new and not-so-improved Watauga County Board of Elections met, a Board now controlled by Republican Tea Partiers (2-1) with a clear mission to suppress any and all suspected progressive votes in time for the upcoming municipal elections, especially for the Town of Boone, the county seat. And to do it undercover as fast as possible.


While the meeting had originally been scheduled for a large room in the County’s Administration building, the Republicans quickly changed the location to a small Board room in the elections office in an effort to discourage public attendance. Didn’t work. Before the two Republicans were forced to move meeting, as required by law in light of all the people there to witness the travesty, just wet your whistle with what went down at the start. Seriously. Take a look at this. It will blow your mind.




1. Eliminate the Appalachian State University (ASU) early one-stop voting site.

2. Force all early voting into one location hard to access by students, faculty, and staff at ASU.

3. Outlaw any verbal public comment at Board meetings and require that written comments be screened to ensure they were “pertinent” and communicated without cussing or libel.

4. Require that the 27-year Elections Board Director, a woman totally on the straight up and beloved by the entire county, not be allowed to meet with anyone in her office without supervision.

5. Mandate that anyone calling into the local BOE office have their names recorded.

6. Move the “New River” precinct (a heavily populated precinct in and around the town of Boone) out into the very corner of the precinct into a virtually unknown location and as far away from municipal voters as possible.

7. Combine three Boone precincts into one Super Precinct consisting of 9,300 voters and 35 parking spaces and away as far as possible from ASU.





Watauga elections board’s minutes changed at request of chairman


BOONE – Wide sections of a first draft of minutes for a contentious meeting on Aug. 12 of the Watauga County Elections Board were erased at the request of the board chairman, increasing concerns among some critics here about what in their view is an erosion of transparency.


Campbell, a Democrat, asks Jane Hodges, the elections board director, how much money it would save to consolidate three Boone precincts into one, a proposal favored by Eggers and Aceto and which eliminated an early-voting and Election Day polling site on the campus of Appalachian State University.

Hodges’ response: “None.”

In another section of the first draft, Campbell raises concerns about a proposal favored by Eggers and Aceto to move two polling places – known as Meat Camp and New River 3 – saying that the move would put the polling sites farther away from voters in certain areas.


“Far fewer live near Mutton Crossing on Bamboo Road. Mutton Crossing is right at the very edge of a very large precinct, away from the vast majority of voters, so why are you moving from a central location to as far to the edge of the precinct as you can get?” Campbell asks, according to the first draft.


The final version approved Tuesday makes hardly any reference to any of the exchanges.


“There was discussion by the board,” the final version says.



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G5 is going to be in here any minute to tell us all about how this increases the confidence of the voting public, I'm sure of it.

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