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Swag's 7-26 Camp Observations

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I know a lot of folks here would like some non twitter feedback from camp yesterday so here is my attempt.


As expected the player were in shorts and shells, which is always a bit of a bummer, but it is too soon to go full contact. The $2 beers that were available made the Spartanburg heat a little more bearable that camps past. On to the action...



Significant rookie observations-


Star vs. Amini was intense. During one on one blocking drills, the two went up against each other 3-4 times. It really seemed like Amini was going hard at Star. I don't know if it is a rookie thing or a Tongan brother thing, but it was clear that Amini knew that he was going up against Star and he meant business...Nothing to read into that other than maybe Amini giving Star a warning that the NFL is no cakewalk. The result of these matchups were that Star went nowhere, Amini owned him and as you may have heard threw Star on his back at one time


Star- As expected he seems to struggle a bit, overwhelmed by Amini. After almost every play coach Eric Washington was giving him direct coaching. It may take some time for him to show dominance at this point, but he and coach Washington seemed to determined to get the most out of him.


Short-Showed good quickness, seemed to have more impact than Star in this early practice. Got a couple of good pushes up the middle in team drills, tossed Kugzilla aside on one play that would've likely gotten him a sack in a real game.


Kugbila- Really strong guy, reminds me a lot of Amini last year. Did a good job against the vets, he won some against Dwan and lost some against him too, really held his own and did not get overpowered. He did get off balance once against Short and whipped aside for what would have been a sack.




Defensive Lineups- 


During full team trills, first unit

Dline -Johnson, Dwan, Star, and Hardy

DB's- Godfrey, Florence, Munnerlyn, and Campbell

(Mike Mitchell did gets reps at SS in place of Campbell with the  1's as did Norman in place of Captain at CB)




WR3 battle- The only real TC battle other than RG that will be fought out in TC this year

Ted Ginn looks to be the guy who got the most reps at that position

Followed by 





Noteworthy observations:


Ted Ginn dropped between 3-4 balls in WR drills that hit him in the hands


Armanti Edwards looks to be much smoother in his route running and much more comfortable catching with his hands compared to Ginn


Drayton Florence is a bit of a grabber. I  think that he will be a pretty physical guy, Pilares would have had him once in team drills in a back shoulder throw, Florence mugged him instead of getting beat.


Charles Johnson beat Bell to the corner easily twice in team drills, would have had 2 sacks in real action.


Dwan Edwards has real leverage. I think he has master the art of pushing OL straight back into the quarterback. He got Kalil with that move once during Lineman drills.


Amini Silatolu looks like he could be the real deal. New number (66) much more trim and defined physically. Granted they are in shorts and not going full contact he seemed very strong in blocking drills. He dominated Star 100% (to be expected) and practically stonewalled every lineman that he faced. Looked great on a pull to the right side that sealed off the edge on a Williams run. 



Crowd pleasing moments:


Cam with a deep throw to Greg Olsen for a TD between Godfrey and Mitchell(I think). Both were in good position to make the play on the ball but did nothing, typical Carolina safeties.


Steve Smith with a one handed catch on the sideline during WR drills


Armanti Edwards with a nice catch over the middle in traffic during team drills


Bersin(sp) caught a nice diving grab, full extension down the sideline for a big 40 yard catch.



Hope this was helpful for someone.














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If Ginn keeps that up I see the automated football launcher being 80% of his training camp in the future

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I enjoy these write-ups, thanks for that, champ!


I'll be headed down sometime around the 1st of August.

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It's nice to hear about Amini. I thought he made definite strides last year after getting beat early. He realized how people were going after him (McCoy using that spin move) and neutralized it the next time he faced them.

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Amini was an excellent pick, I think Kugbila will prove to be just as good of a pick, when its all said and done.

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Not surprised about Ginn. We knew he had the dropsies before he came in.

Good write up though, man. Much appreciated

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Ginn better pick it up or kill it on the return teams.

I was hoping Joe Adams would get more run at WR. I think the staff may have already decided he was a wasted pick.

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People were too quick to judge Amini in my opinion. The guy came from a small school but had and still has the physical ability to be dominant at the guard position. Once his familiarity with the NFL game gets up to speed I think he may be among the leagues best for a very long time. I think this could be his breakout year and the early reports support this notion.

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