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My way too early roster and cut projections *updated 8/23/13, big changes

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#1 Frank Hollywood

Frank Hollywood


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 12:17 PM

I am by no means an expert. This thread is for entertainment purposes only and just something to pass time between our camp breaks. If you're not into that simply click the back button. Feel free to add your input and suggestions. Also, I used the roster on the Panther's main website for my info. I realize a few names may not be correct, but I didn't miss any big names or anyone I feel might make the roster.

1st set of roster cuts
I believe due to the uncertainty at WR as well as the O-line and number two TE, most of the people that have no chance will be let go early at these positions to allow the ones with a chance to get more playing time with the final preseason game against the Steelers before final cuts. i could be wrong about Colby Cameron as they may want him to duke it out that last game with Clausen, but I feel due to Clausen's guaranteed money he makes the roster this year and they'll opt to get him playing time instead.
1. Taulib Icharo -WR 2.Dale Moss -WR 3. James Shaw -WR
4. RJ Webb -WR 5.Dominique Curry- TE 6. Casey Walker- DT
7.Ricardo Silva-S 8. Ryan Rau -LB 9. Ben Jacobs -LB
10. Brian Folkerts-C 11. Patrick Brown - OT 12. Garett Chisholm - OT
13. Tori Mobley - OG 14. Zack Pianatto- TE 15. Colby Cameron- QB

Second Cuts
1.Morgan Linberry -K He can't beat out Graham Gano for the Kicker spot. (sadly)
2. Jordan Gay -P I doubt he beats out Nortman for the Punting spot.
3. Sione Fua - DT With actual talent at DT now, he's done.
4. Frank Kearse -DT I like Frank. I couldn't see where he fit though. I could be wrong about this one but I think he's gone.
5. Craig Roh- DE I haven't heard enough regarding him to beat out Addison.
6. Melvin White- CB There's just too many young, promising DB's on this roster. One of them had to get cut.
7. Nick Hixson- CB I heard he had a few plays here and there in camp, but it won't be enough for him to make the team.
8. Colin Jones- S A special teamer ace, he could prove me wrong and make the roster, but I think they'd rather go with someone else.
9.  Doug Hogue -LB

10. Robert Lester- Showed promise, he'll earn a spot on the PS

11. Armond Smith-RB Too many talented RB's....
12. Wes Horton- DE

13. Brentin Bersin- WR He stepped his game up in camp this year but won't beat out the others.

14. DJ Cambell S He gets beat out by Anderson Russell
15.Chris Scott-T Could make the team over Chandler
16..Loius Nzegwu-DE- I think he makes it to last cuts given what he's shown.

17.Kealoha Pilares- WR I was rooting for him but anything he can do, it looks like Adams and Barner can do it better.

18. Hayworth Hicks- OG

19. Justin Wells- OG


Cam Newton, Derek Anderson Jimmy Pickles

I went back and forth on the idea of cutting Jimmy several times, but he's looked much better this preseason, even if stats don't show it. Because his money is guaranteed this year, I'd put about a 60% chance he makes the roster.

Deangelo Williams, Kenjon Barner, Tauren Poole, Jonathan Stewart (PUP)

Hopefully Barner's foot injury isn't serious. I think he's more of a scat back though and because of that, Poole will be on the roster to replace Jonathan Stewart for the first six weeks. Poole, who has shown great potential, will either be traded or have another mysterious injury like last year and end up on IR.


Mike Tolbert, Richie Brockel

Greg Olsen, Ben Hartstock, Brandon Williams


Some of you are higher on the Brandon Williams' bandwagon than I am, but we rolled with three TE's last year and given his potential, it's likely we do it again. If he continues to develop, he could become great at the position.

Steve Smith, Brandon Lafell, Ted Ginn Jr., Domenik Hixon, David Gettis  Armanti Edwards


Ted Ginn grabs the number three spot and we actually have a talented WR corps if Smitty stays healthy. Armanti Edwards makes the team. He will prolly be the weakest link NEXT year when his contract is up and we draft a WR. Joe Adams is a little early to let go, so maybe he suffers a mysterious injury and gets placed on IR.


Offensive Line

Jordan Gross, Amini Silatolu, Ryan Kalil, Garry williams, Byron Bell, Edmund Kubgilla, Jeff Byers, Nate Chandler

Outside of Gross and Kalil, this unit sucks. Amini and Bell are locks, as is Gary Williams for depth purposes. Jeff Byers will probably make the team but there's a great possibility Chandler is replaced with final cuts from another team's roster. Actually, it's almost certain.




Defensive Line
Greg Hardy, Charles Johnson, Star Loutelelei, Kawaan Short, Frank Alexander, Dwan Edwards, Mario Addison, Colin Cole

Wow that's a lot of talent. Colin is the weakest link but makes it on the squad due to him simply being better than the others and his veteran leadership. I think they keep Addison as well so they have four DE's on the roster.



Josh Norman, Josh Thomas, Drayton Florence, Captain Munnerlyn, DJ Moore, James Dockery

The Josh's, Florence and Captain (assuming his hand injury is not major) are locks. DJ Moore will make the team due to his ability to play every DB position. James Dockery probably snags the last spot over White.


Charles Godfrey, Mike Mitchell, Haruki Nakamuri, Anderson Russell

This group was the hardest of all for me to figure out. I didn't want to cut Colin Jones, a special team Ace, but Anderson Russell has shown more on special teams. The only players that are locks are Godfrey and Mitchell, everything else is up for grabs. Perhaps the Panthers have either Colin Jones,Lester or Cambell making the squad in place of Russell  but for now, this is my guess. Naka not only probably makes the team due to his special teams play, but digging deeper into his contract, his salary next year is voided on the condition he remains on the roster through 2013. He won't be cut.


Luke Keuchly, Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, Chase Blackburn, A.J Klein, Jordan Senn, Jason Williams

Another group I find extremely talented. I think this group is practically set in stone and would be surprised if the opening day roster looks different than this, barring injury.


Special Teams
Graham Gano-K, Brad Nortman-P, JJ. Jansen, LS

Practice Squad

Armond Smith,  Brentin Bersin,  Craig Roh, Melvin White, Robert Lester, Wes Horton, Loius Nzegwu


Zordich and Roh have talent. Bersin may be stashed here since he flashed this camp. Smith, while hurting his chances with cheap shots in last night's game, may make it due to the Panther's unusual RB circumstance. Williams is aging and Stewart seems to be injured lately and Barner may not be an every down type of back.

Brandon Williams I don't see the Panthers getting rid of. If they don't sign him he will at least wind up here. The rest of the PS they will fill up with potential Offensive Linemen.

Let me know what you think!

#2 Gallagher


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 12:26 PM

I agree mostly, but I think Kearse, B. Williams and Dockery have chances of beating out Cole, Hartsock and White respectively.


Also, Pickles could be cut for a 7th WR, probably Pilares.

#3 Frank Hollywood

Frank Hollywood


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 12:34 PM

I agree mostly, but I think Kearse, B. Williams and Dockery have chances of beating out Cole, Hartsock and White respectively.

Also, Pickles could be cut for a 7th WR, probably Pilares.

I agree completely. All three of those I was torn on. I would have cut pickles, but his guaranteed money was the deciding factor to keep him one more year. I think there's a 40% chance he's gone.

Also, *too. I misspelled my own title.

#4 Dex


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:04 PM

I don't think Gaydosh can be put on PS. Also no way we cut Colin Jones.

#5 Jhyler12


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:12 PM

I think we would keep Colby Cameron over Pickles, Pilares is gone, and Jones doesn't get cut...

#6 FattyFatFat


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:12 PM

Hate to see pilares go, but I dont see him making the team either.

#7 firstdayfan


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:20 PM

I agree about Colin Jones...I'd rather see him than White.  Or even Clausen.

#8 jayflip


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:31 PM

SCP will not like your gaydosh decision!

#9 MadHatter


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:31 PM

I think that we keep 9 DLinemen.....OP only had 8


I think there is a real chance we only carry 2 QB's and one on the PS.  If we get to our 3rd string, we could pick someone up that week that could give us as much as Clausen.


There are some close contests like the OP said....but overall I think the OP is pretty accurate.

#10 panther4life


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:37 PM

Those are the 53(made a damn near identical list about month ago) to beat minus Melvin white. I think they might roll with 5 DT's and keep Kearse.


If this Brandon Williams kid continues to impress we could drop Hartstock.

Also if we cut Clausen we can squeeze in another receiver(Pilares or Gettis).


If we pick up a vet o-lineman then then Byers would be the one to go imo.






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