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Frank Hollywood

My way too early roster and cut projections *updated 8/23/13, big changes

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I guess we will revisit this thread in about 4 weeks or so.  :)

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I guess we will revisit this thread in about 4 weeks or so. :)

I'll be modifying my predictions twice. Once after the bears preseason game and once after week 3 preseason game. I'll leave the original up unedited for fun.

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89 will tell you over and over again, some guys play well when the lights come on and some guys dont. Dont expect miracles from guys that look good "on paper".

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1. Naka is gone the numbers just don't work for him.


2. Dockery isn't going to make it. Moore can play FS as well so he has more value.


3. I see 9 Dlinemen and 9 Olinemen making the team.


4. I think Hartsog, B-will and Brockle make the team.


5. We are only keeping 6 WR





1. I hope you're right.

2. I dunno, Dockery looked pretty solid for such an unexperienced guy last year.  With more experienced he could be a solid starter.  And Moore would make a tiny FS...isn't he like 5'9?

3. Yea, I could see that too.

4. I don't see the need for 3 TEs and 2 FBs.  I'm thinking either Hartsock or Brockel don't make the team.  Either they'll value Hartsock's blocking more or Brockel's versatility at FB and TE, but I don't think they'll keep both.  It's a 50/50 to me which goes.

5. Quite possible, but I think it'd be wiser to keep 7.  Lotta young guys we need to figure out if they're going to be a long term part of the plan.


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I think with Gettleman here, the philosophy may change to improve our depth. I like Colin Jones, but can he play safety if needed. One difference between us and better teams is that their ST players can step in and play if needed. Too often in the past, we had OK ST'ers who stunk when needed due to injury. If Lester can be above average at ST, I think he makes it. Same for Dockery ( who played well when asked last year), and B Williams. Armanti could easily be EMERGENCY QB if he makes it as WR and save a roster spot.

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I see no reason why we keep Adams and Edwards.  With Barner and Ginn we have all the possible KR/PR we need.


Pilares or even Bersin.


Think we keep on 6 LBers too.


Cole is a great runstopper or that was his forte before he got hurt.  I don't see us letting him go for Kearse.  With the extra spot (dropping a LBer) we could keep Kearse.


Why wouldn't Gaydosh be able to go to the practice squad?  He's a rookie.  He may not want to and choose to go to CFL but that would be crazy.  From what I understand.  Practice squad players make more than CFL players but then again he was #1 Pick.

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I thought so too at first. Keep a developmental QB on the PS, frees a roster spot.  However, I hear CC has been very bad.


Has he really, wow...  Oh well I guess we are stuck with Pickles and his guaranteed clipboard money...

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Has he really, wow...  Oh well I guess we are stuck with Pickles and his guaranteed clipboard money...

Just one perspective-- but nobody disagreed.  I had the same hopes as you.

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I am by no means an expert. This thread is for entertainment purposes only and just something to pass time between our camp breaks. If you're not into that simply click the back button. Feel free to add your input and suggestions. Also, I used the roster on the Panther's main website for my info. I realize a few names may not be correct, but I didn't miss any big names or anyone I feel might make the roster.



Nice work! I almost 100% agree with this assessment at this point in camp.


Of course, preseason games may change this, but as of now, I think you captured what most Panther fans feel is going to happen.

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Pie for knowing your audience with the first part.


About your actual content, I have a few disagreements.  My list is tempered a bit more with my own desires and optimism, but still what I realistically see happening.  


- I see us rolling with 7 WRs this year: Smitty, Lafell, Ginn, Hixon are the obvious picks.  The final three I think will be Gettis, Pilares and Adams.  I hope and pray that Gettleman isn't blinded by whatever homerism or whatever has allowed Armanti to retain a spot on the team so long but the dude simply cannot play football in the NFL.  I don't care that he's having yet another "breakout training camp".  It happens every year.  I'm sick of it.  Bersin is another red herring.  If we were to keep 6 WRs instead of 7, my heart says Pilares would be the odd man out.  His ceiling simply isn't as high as Gettis or Adams.  But my head says it'd be Gettis :(


- I agree we'll probably just go with 8 DL this year, the same DEs you mentioned, Star, KK, D. Edwards are locks.  For the final DT spot I honestly couldn't guess who would get it among Cole, Kearse or Gaydosh.  Cole was good in the past, but his present is an unknown.  I'd hate to keep him because he gets through camp looking good and not getting injured, then in the first few weeks something happens (we all know people who have had injuries, especially major ones, are more likely to get injured again even if it's not specifically related to the original injury) and we let go of two young reasonably talented DTs.  If Gaydosh doesn't make the final 53 I'm sure they'll try to PS stash him, but he very well may get swiped by another team.  Kearse is a very solid backup and will certainly get a spot on another team if not us.  Something to think about, a year ago we were the team waiting for another team that was loaded with capable DT talent to make cuts so we could find a starter from someone else's trash.  Now we're the team loaded at DT talent and having to make the hard decision of who to cut.


- I think Brandon Williams easily makes the team over Brockel or Hartsock.  Probably Hartsock since Brockel fills the FB role too.


- As much as I WANT Nakamura gone, I don't see it happening.  I think he's as much one of Rivera's guys as Gettis isn't, despite the talent dictating otherwise in both cases.  Rivera's personal biases could hurt the team in both cases, letting Gettis go and keeping Nakamura.  C. Jones did well in STs, I'd be a little surprised if he was let go.  As much as I'm rooting for Lester, and want him to make the team based on potential, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to stash him on the PS (and then he gets filched by another team).


-  I think at least Poole goes on the PS again.  Our RB squad is definitely stuffed, so neither Poole nor Smith are making the roster unless we're decimated by injuries, but of the two Poole is my favorite.  He was looking awesome in preseason games a year or two ago (I forget which year it was).


- I'm not entirely sure we take 7 LBs, I don't remember how many we've kept in the past.  A starter and his backup seem like it would be enough, so I would think 6 is sufficient.  Jason Williams would obviously be the odd guy out in that case.


- I think Dockery makes the team.  Could be White or DJ Moore who misses out.  As someone pointed out in another thread, it would seem Moore was signed as Captain insurance.  Since we kept him, Moore's importance is reduced.


-  I think Byers and/or Garry Williams won't make the final cut in favor of a vet/vets they bring in (Moore or Wharton).


- The current other K/Ps we have aren't going to take Gano or Nortman's jobs.  Still possible we bring in someone else and they could.  Gano and Nortman both were below par (but not terrible overall) last year and Nortman is still young, could still pan out.


- This might finally be the year we decide to just roll with 2 QBs.  Jimmeh is a waste of a roster spot.  Guy's been classy and handled himself well since he's been here.  Give him a chance to go somewhere else and compete for a backup job.  He doesn't benefit the team at all.

In a year where we are trying to find our depth at Wide receiver and determine which young guy's potential has the best chance at blooming, you may be right, however, I think we stick with six, especially if we try to draft a receiver next year which I believe we will. I hear you on Armanti's camp hype, but you have Gettis over him. Gettis is having a horrible camp and I think his time has run out. However, out of the two I think Gettis is the only one that could pull it together and truly shine one day. If we go with Armanti (I still think we will), he will be cut next year when we draft a receiver.


I agree completely with your assessment of the DT's. I think the veteran presence will be what pushes Gettle for Cole.


I don't think Brandon Williams easily makes the team over Brockel or Hartstock, but he could squeek by. I'm pulling for him, but every year we have someone like him that is camp hype. Who knows though, Hurney is gone and so is his favoritism.


Your Safety assessment might be right, I am very uncertain of that position. Lester prolly won't stick to the PS though and I thnik they know this. I don't see how both Naka and Jones get cut as they are both special teamers, but I wasn't sure how to play that out. Perhaps Jones sticks and DJ is cut. With Lester, I think he doesn't get it quite yet, but they will see his ceiling so much higher than Naka's and that'll be the push for him to make the team. We also clear up cap space by cutting Naka I believe.


I agree with Poole looking better than Smith. I think we are the only ones that think that though. Most people seem to be on the Smith bandwagon. I still think they both make the PS in case of an injury, but who knows, they can't stay on the PS but one more year to my knowledge.


I disagree with only keeping 6 linebackers. We'll keep 7 in my mind, but yeah, Williams would be the guy to cut if we go with six.


On Dockery, it was a tough decision. No way is Moore cut, he can play every DB position and got high praise. White could be gone, but I'm thinking they like his potential and keep him over Dockery. I think that will be a great camp battle.


I doubt you still feel that way about Byers or Gary Williams getting cut now. I agreed with you, I don't think anyone saw the Hangman cut coming. It makes sense financially, however. 


Spot on with the Kicker/Punter.


Sort of agree with Clausen. Maybe we give him lots of playing time preseason and shop him if so. If we get a 7th for him, draft a Kicker maybe? (We have no 7th as of now for 2014) But remember it will cost us a bit of money if we cut him and bring in a replacement, due to his guaranteed money. Something we can't afford to spend ATM. Is a roster spot worth the 500k it will cost? Gettle will decide.

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*edit, Update #1 after First preseason game:


Linden Gaydosh obviously doesn't make the PS, since he has been added to IR. But several players I kept seeing late in the game will.

Loius Nzegwu, Melvin White and Robert Lester will make the PS. Nzegwu looked good and Melvin White and Lester drew praises in camp. We can't have nine PS players but I think eight of these guys make it. Nzegwu may not be eligible due to having a season under his belt, but if he is, I think he sticks.

-Melvin White and Lester no longer make the 53. In their place are Anderson Russell and Dockery.  (Colin Jones could also fill this spot.)


Players to keep an eye on:


David Gettis: I still don't have him making the 53. He had an unimpressive camp followed by an impressive game......against third stringers...

I did like what I saw though, minus the body catches. If he looks this good against second stringers or maybe even the first team he may knock out Joe Adams for the last WR roster spot. Very small chance we roll with 7 WR's, but it's possible.


Brandon Williams: I didn't see enough for him to make the 53 yet. He had what I believe was an amazing catch at one point in the game, and looked pretty good at blocking as well. Given his very short time with the team and with the NFL in general I could see this changing. We could very easily roll with 3 TE's this year again, as he shows tremendous potential in such a short time. I'm still dead on the fence with this player.


Anderson Russell: He seemed to be everywhere late in the game. I liked his play and hope he can pull out a roster spot. He may beat out Naka for that roster spot I spoke of earlier if he continues this type of play.



Other things I noticed....


Derek Anderson looked horrible. Because of this I now definitely believe we keep Clausen for his last year of contract. Look for us to draft a QB in the late rounds of 2014.


Ginn has speed and was often open, but damn man....he looked sloppy. I could see him lose his #3 spot so many Huddlers thought he had if this continues.


Clausen looked good, given that atrocious 3rd string O-line he played with. I guess he's used to that though...


Michael Zordich was a player I thought had great potential. He is having an MRI on his knee after an on the field injury last night. I was keeping an eye on him to see if he could beat out Brockel. I thought he would at least make the PS. We will know soon how serious his injury is, hoping for the best.


I will make another update after the Eagle's game on Thursday. Comments always welcome.



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