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2014 NFL draft prospects

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I think we need OL before anything else and then get Cam some weapons.  Here are a couple of scenarios that would interest me. 


OT in the first -- Richardson or Hurst.  Unless one of the guys like Lewan, Big Cy, Matthews 

WR in the second --  Moncrief, Evans, Coleman, Matthews

BPA --- DB, TE, OG.  Loston?   



Round 1 - Austin Serafin Jenkins 

Round 2 - Moncrief, Evans, Coleman, Matthews

Round 3 - Sentrel Henderson 




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Here are the guys we need to watch


Jake Matthews, 6-5, 305, Texas A&M

Taylor Lewan, 6-7, 310, Michigan

*Cyrus Kouandjio, 6-5, 325, Alabama

*Antonio Richardson, 6-5, 335, Tennessee

*Cameron Erving, 6-6, 320, Florida State

Morgan Moses, 6-5, 325, Virginia

Jawaun James, 6-5, 325, Tennessee

James Hurst,6-6, 310, North Carolina


David Yankey, 6-5, 305, Stanford (OT)

*La'rel Collins, 6-4, 320, LSU

*Xavier Sua-Filo, 6-3, 305, UCLA

Zach Martin, 6-4, 300, Notre Dame (OT)

Gabe Jackson, 6-3, 335, Mississippi State

Cyril Richardson, 6-4, 330, Baylor (OT)

*Malcolm Bunche, 6-6, 330, Miami (OT)

Anthony Steen, 6-2, 310, Alabama



good list.  Collins is LT for LSU this season and he's off to a good start.  Is Seantrel Henderson any good?


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week 2 standouts


Dominique Easley, DT/DE Florida. this is a guy who has always jumped out on tape, but is now doing so on a more consistent basis. he has a great jump off the ball,and regularly beats guys to the gap he is supposed to go thru. one series he dominated and the Miami OL could do nothing with him. the beauty of this was he line up at 3 different spot along the DL on this series, at a 1 tech(NT 4 DL look), a 3 tech( 4 DL look), and either a 6 or 7 tech(DE in a 3 DL look) on the right side. while at the 1, he beat the C who had his hands on him, but disengaged and made a tackle for lost. the next play he was lined up at the 3 and beat the OG to get into the backfield where the RB had to try to bounce the run out which resulted in another TKL. and finally at the DE spot he used a nice bend around the edge to beat the LT and forced him to get held on a 3rd and long. 


DeVante Parker, WR Louisville. a huge target, and go to guy for the best QB in college football. Teddy knows he has a freak of nature on the outside, and is not scared to use him.Parker is a vertical guy, who also has the size to make any catch over a DB. he displayed this vs Eastern Kentucky where Teddy B lobbed a fade route to him and he literally put his nuts on the guys helmet while catching the ball at its high point. he has deceptive speed, and i really have been impressed with this guys ability. finished with 5 catches 134 yards, and 2 TDs day. keep an eye on this guy because he will rise as the season goes on if he continues to ball, reminds me a lot of Bay- Bay Thomas WR for the broncos.


Devin Gardner, QB Michigan. a big athletic QB who has a cannon for a arm. made some great throws and reads while facing a decent ND defense.will need to be more consistent in his decision making, but that will come with experience.  he also made some pretty big plays with his feet inside and outside of the pocket. i really cannot see why this coaching staff had Denard in front of him because he looks like a better QB. played WR last year some, but he reminds me of another guy who did the same in Tannehill.


Paul Richardson, WR Colorado. played with Marqise Lee at Serra High in LA, but Paul leads the country in receiving yards thru 3 weeks. he is also an explosive WR like his former teammate with decent vertical speed. in 2 weeks he already has 21 catches, 417 yards , and 4 TDs. there is the injury scare as he is coming off a torn ACL last year, so him staying healthy will keep this prospect on the radar of the scouts. he wins getting deep down the field, and is not scared to throw his body around or go across the middle. he looks completely healthy so far this year, and has not had any setbacks with the knee.


Todd Gurley, RB Georgia. an AP clone.big, tough,speed back who will run over you or around you. 6'1 232 soph from Tarboro, NC, every NC school should be kicking themselves for allowing him to leave the state. some sophomores should be able to leave early, and he is one. hits the hole downhill every time, and has decent vision. could improve on pass blocking, but that is said about every young RB. hopefully he stays healthy.


La'el Collins, OT/OG LSU. big guy who has made the transition from OG to OT this past year, and looks like he might have earned him some more money by doing so. one of the best run blocking tackles i have seen this year, and has really good feet in pass protection. earned the trust of the LSU staff to start at the blind side of Mettenberger. helped produce over 400 yards vs UAB.


Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB Oregon. one of the best press man/off man CBs in college football. can shadow WRs and stay on there help with ease. very aggressive in press man, and can get a PI every now and then but you have to love his aggressive style. had a good battle with the USC WR last year, and got a huge pick in the end zone in that game. will come up and strike you in run support, not afraid of contact. in zone, can read the QB really well, and breaks on the football with ease.


Jaylen Watkins, CB/S Florida. a long rangy guy who lines up at CB and FS for the gators. another good man guy who mirror his man and stays on the guys hips. would love to see him more at CB because i think he translate there better, but the other 2 CBs on Florida are pretty decent as well.guess i should mention Marcus Roberson here as well. plays really well, and gets his hands on a lot of balls. played tough on WRs and had good coverage until he got hurt and left the game vs Miami.


other standouts

Taylor Lewan, OT Michigan

Aaron Murray, QB Georgia

Alex Neutz, WR Buffalo

Allen Robinson, WR Penn St

Jeremy Gallons, WR Michigan

Justin Hardy, WR ECU

Lache Seastrunk, RB Baylor

Ed Reynolds, S Stanford

Corey Robinson, OT South Carolina

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week 3 match ups


TCU vs Texas Tech

Stanford vs Army

Va Tech vs ECU

Louisville vs Kentucky

UCLA vs Nebraska

Fresno St vs Colorado

Nevada vs FSU

Tennessee vs Oregon

Bama vs Texas A&M

Washington vs Illinois

OSU vs Cal

Vandy vs South Carolina

Ole Miss vs Texas

Notre Dame vs Purdue

Wisconsin vs Arizona St

Oregon St vs Utah

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You forgot USC v Boston College  :D

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Best games this weekend imo....



fUCLA v Nebraska


Ole Miss v Texas



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You forgot USC v Boston College  :D


i seen that match up, and thought it wouldnt be close. then i realized Kiffin is still there, so it may be a good game.are the QBs really struggling that bad, or is Kiffin that bad?

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Bit of both. QBs aren't great, but Kiffin's play calling is leaving them out to dry....

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another name i keep seeing pop up is Jace Amaro TE at Texas Tech.

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The shackles have finally been taken off Cody Kessler and Marqise Lee!  80 yard TD on a Corner route where he just burned the man in coverage...

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