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Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

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K-Hawk    11

Last add: I just looked at the stat line and thought I was seeing things. This was such a messy game, such a tough battle vs. your D line, I'm not sure I saw the same game they played! I would have totally expected the two QB stat lines to be reversed.


R. Wilson 25/33 320 9.7 1 0 2-20 115.7



C. Newton 16/23 125 5.4 1 0 1-6 97.2


God, it seemed like Wilson did nothing but scramble and toss the ball when he had a chance. I have no idea how that became a 300 yd game!


And with Newton, it seemed he could do no wrong most of the game. He did, iirc, miss two inexplicably, but the rest was pretty good. Totally amazed when I saw his yards at 125! 250, sure, on a dink-and-dunk day, but 125? Freaked me out.


Does anyone else feel like they watched this game in the Twilight Zone?


Both had good ratings, however, with Cam at 97 or something like that.


Speaking of Cam, I saw some posts saying Cam sucks, but that's obviously not true. He stayed poised in a tough, frustrating game with a poor receiving corps. The kid can toss the rock. Give him a little O line and at least one more receiver - and maybe a new coaching staff - and he'll be awesome.


Don't overreact. He's a keeper.

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