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Two guys in red shirts discuss the Panthers - Bills matchup

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TheJason    293

I think Panthers fans will be very suprised how well our O line, TE s and RB s do against their " awesome 7 ".

Someone is going to be going home very but hurt from Orchard Park Sunday afternoon , and I have a strong feeling it wont be the Bills or their fans.

I'm pretty sure Wilson is still hurting from that 'awesome 7'. Better known as MonStrz Inc.

But I'd rather be hurt with a Dubya any day of the week.

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frash.exe    10,817

The only difference between the panthers and bills is that the panthers fug things up and then they sit back and look at what they fuged up and then try to figure out how they can fix it, whereas the bills fug things up and just dwell on it and make it even worse.

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pantherj    2,167

This is the best front 7 we've ever had imo, and we've had some great ones.


The Bills are one the worst teams we'll face this season, and a loss this Sunday would be devastating. If we can't beat the Bills, then who can we beat? If we can't handle the Bills, then we're on our way to something like 4-12 or worse.


The old guy in the pink shirt is amazingly confident in his mediocre team, but thinks we're the sh!t on his shoe. Perfect. Someone needed to stir up our fan base, and by all means I hope our players have seen this video.


Our achilles heel is that we have some boneheaded players on our team who make astonishingly stupid mistakes like they've been payed off to throw the game. We can't cut them all. We got rid of Naka, but now we have more Nakas. Getting ejected for fighting and almost punching the ref in the process. Making the same bizarre penalties over and over. Fumbling repeatedly, once out of bounds (luckily) and once in bounds to seal the loss. Bloopers. Not paying attention on punt return and running into the ball. You name the blooper or boner and our idiot players will do it this season. Hmmm. Ok one of our idiot players will kick a Bills player right in the nuts in full view of a ref. Think that won't happen? Sorry it already did in the preseason against the Ravens. But name any extremely stupid play that you don't want to see and we have a bonehead who will do just that. Name it. More fighting? Get ready. 3 fumbles by the same guy, same game? Swearing at the ref? You can make a list and scratch off each blooper as this season passes.    

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