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If we go 7-9 or 6-10 how would you feel about keeping Rivera if..

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Say we have a top 3 defense, im talking about a D that resembles the steel curtain or 85 Bears D BUT we have say one of the worst offensive rankings in the league. Would you be ok if we kept Rivera ONLY if we went out and got a new OC? And no im not talking about some poo like promoting Ken Dorsey or some poo. I mean a real deal, legit OC. A Hue Jackson or Whisenhunt type.

I must say that what worries me greatly is our D will be so amazing but Shula might make us a sub .500 team, man how devastating would it be if we risk losing out on such a stout D by firing Rivera and starting all over again with a new HC. With all the pieces on D running like a well oiled machine under Rivera, it would really break my heart seeing that blown up.

Before the pitch forks come out, just think of this for a minute. Imagine for one minute if we had the 2011 offense to go along with this 2013 defense, EASILY a 12-4 team and that might be on the low end. Can you imagine how good this team would be with this defense and a Hue Jackson type OC?

Also one more thing. A similar situation happened with Kubiak. It took him 4-5 seasons before the Texans finally became legit under Kubiak and what kept his job safe year after year was the stout D he was building.

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Sean McDermott, you're hired.

Rivera must go.

Im not so sure this would work. Is it more Rivera or Sean that the D is performing well? If we have a top 3 D but a bottom 25 offense, it will be clear as day it was Shula's fault and all we need is a top flight OC. Now obviously if our D struggles as well as the offense, yes then fire them all.

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If a top 3 defense only wins 6 games, you've got major problems that won't be fixed keeping Rivera one more year. That will mean Cam either poo in the bed or we failed as an organization to do anything for our franchise qb.

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All I saw was 6-10 and keeping Rivera. Don't want.

Coaches make teams into Super Bowl champions. Ask Tampa bay and tony dungy. Defense was awesome but they couldn't make it over the hump. Enter Jon gruden.

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