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  1. So he went from a ‘hold no expense’ training facility to a fieldhouse? where is this going?
  2. It sounds like they are pretty cheap.
  3. What are the Chief’s owners doing?
  4. Palmer just cherry picked a few plays. Doesn’t prove anything. This staff and roster may be just as big of a dumpster fire as last year.
  5. This was Cam’s 7v7 event. He was breaking up a fight.
  6. I bet Bryce and Mingo are the only ones who make the team this year. Zavala will be practice squad at best.
  7. Do we think a 5’10” QB could see a 5’8” WR?
  8. Reid doesn’t have that many years left. I could see them winning one or two more though.
  9. We’ve had the fewest draft selections over the past 3-4 years.
  10. So CMAC and Darnold might get a ring huh…
  11. This smells like Dan and the scouting dept saying “he made us draft those guys”.
  12. No rookie QB is going to have success with this OL and WR. Let’s stock the shelves before looking at QB again.
  13. The cam and Luke interview is here at the 1hr 40min mark. Cam talks to CJ Stroud a little before that.
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