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  1. Yep, that is the worst case. Plays well enough to get another year, but isn’t good enough to ever be great. frankly, I think this is a likely outcome. Such is QB purgatory.
  2. ‘Fluid’ is how defenses will describe moving through this OL.
  3. They’re just setting up for a rebuild next year.
  4. Correction: a team gets him until he becomes unhappy again and forces a trade.
  5. He’s full of poo. Just playing the game. I remember when he wasn’t ‘trading the player’. Watson is a PR nightmare. Unless he’s totally cleared, you’ll have protests at your stadium, Every fan at every game will boo him, you can’t use him as the face of your franchise, he might be on the commish list for the year, will other players respect his leadership, and who knows if this ordeal will affect his play. Dude could be a franchise killer just as easily as he could make them better.
  6. The PR stuff is the bigger risk, but this is second. Happens all the time to players. I would not trade the farm for him at this point.
  7. Yeah, but Rodgers is under contract until the 2024 season. He can retire, but the Packers hold his rights until then.
  8. ...Interesting article. It almost sounds like there is a high level plan that Tepper and the city share for that area. Obviously, who pays for what will be the big fight. https://www.wbtv.com/2021/07/22/records-show-charlotte-lacks-money-new-stadium/ ——————— A WBTV Investigation shows the Queen City’s capacity to contribute to stadium projects is much lower than what’s recently been agreed upon in other NFL cities. Financial records shared by city staffers during a Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority board meeting show that the capacity to take on debt for major stadium construction is somewhat limited by other projects the city has already financed. ———————— “I don’t feel that the capacity is there at the moment in the existing tax structure,” District 7 Councilman Ed Driggs told WBTV Councilman and financial institution veteran Ed Driggs told WBTV he has doubts about the cities pot of money to pay for the deal. “Particularly because we have a pipeline of capital projects that will probably soak up a lot of that of existing capacity,” Driggs said. In addition to future potential projects like Discovery Place and Blumenthal Performing Arts, the city is already committed to $174 million in debt in the Convention Center fund, including more than $100 million for recent convention center upgrades. ———————- Economist Andrew Zimbalist told WBTV that deals between franchise owners and cities that look beyond a specific dollar contribution have proven more fruitful for taxpayers. “Cities are finding it more and more difficult to justify the expenditures as the prices go up in urban areas,” Zimbalist said. “What we’ll do is we’ll give you the land for the stadium. Not only that, but we’ll give you some acres around it for parking lots and we’ll give you some more acres for commercial and residential development and then you can make your money off of those other things that will help pay back.” That’s not to dissimilar from the plan currently unfolding between Charlotte and Tepper. The City has already reached an agreement with Tepper and a developer for new soccer fields, residential units and commercial enterprises at Eastland. The city is also still negotiating with Tepper around a mixed-use/entertainment district in the area near Bank of America Stadium and the Charlotte Pipe and Foundry property, which could be crucial to the development of a future stadium. Rezoning Pipe and Foundry and using a mixed-use/entertainment district to link it with the Gateway District, home of a future transit center for Amtrak could be crucial to plans moving forward. ———————- “More likely than not, at the end of the day, for the vast majority of these deals, they should not be looked upon as a promoter for the economy,” Zimbalist said. “They’re not going to raise overall employment. They’re not going to raise per capita income, and what you want to do as a city if you want to have a sports team, whether it’s MLS, NFL or NBA or whatever it might be, try to make a deal that is financially neutral.”
  9. I typically like to be optimistic and take the wait and see approach, but I’m just not a believer in Sam or our OL either.
  10. The OL and QB will be the big problems this year.
  11. I had no idea transplanted hearts only last 17 ish years. Thats a tough thing to live with.
  12. Looks like the Bears are threatening to move to the suburbs again over a funding fight. Will be interesting to see how that goes.
  13. Tepper did say several times that he would like to build a sports and entertainment complex uptown. This was a few years ago. The thought was the new stadium (foundry) + BofA (soccer) with an entertainment complex built on the current practice fields and extra land around the foundry not used for parking. All this is and the baseball field would make for a pretty cool group of venues.
  14. I just don’t think Tepper and the Panthers want to be the ones to destroy Carowinds. I personally hate that place, but the optics of a billionaire bulldozing a nostalgic landmark like that with taxpayer money wouldn’t be good. He’d make a lot of enemies doing that.
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