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  1. It could be useful if your LT sucks. Just switch your blindside to the right.
  2. Yeah, we are not a QB away. At this pace, it will take rule 5 years just to get an 9-8 team. If he’s lucky.
  3. They are already in full ‘hide the QB’ mode. Panthers media is going out of their way already to avoid showing Sam or Corral. Watch their insta. It’s kinda funny. They’ll show passes but from an angle where you can’t see who threw it.
  4. We’re 100% picking in the top 10 again. The question is if it’s top 10 or top 5.
  5. If they keep running the offense through him the chances are zero. He’s 5 years older than he was that first season. He can’t sustain that many hits.
  6. The team has been a disappointment since 2015. What do you expect.
  7. Yep. If he knows it then you have to give him live game experience. If he sucks then we grab a replacement next year. If he gets better each game and looks like something at the end of the season, then we roll with him.
  8. The nascar productions tower sits on top of the nascar hall of fame. They’re not tearing it down or anything. That building is a massive waste but it won’t impact Tepper in any way. It’s too far away from his properties.
  9. NC is currently 9th in population. Right behind Georgia. There is no way the NFL will allow a market like that to go without a team. Really bad for business. Tepper is stuck here whether he likes it or not.
  10. Well, they were building a sweet new draft room in RH, but……
  11. I think they had to change locations this year because of the Chesney concert.
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