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  1. same… Rough edges, bland color, too tall….I could go on.
  2. That’s a terrible post. Rough edges, bland color, too tall….I could go on.
  3. I’m pretty sure the Cinci guy owns 97% of his team.
  4. I guess these numbers don’t include the values of the teams they own.
  5. This. Quitting at this stage would be a terrible career move. I guess he could have a family matter, but 90% chance he was fired.
  6. There’s a well known saying that goes: money amplifies who you are. A large percentage of people, if given everything they wanted, would be jerks.
  7. I know, but he didn’t have to come off two first rounders so fast. I now see how they got him down to two 2nds.
  8. His career would be over if it wasn’t for us. He said last year the panthers were the only team willing to make him a starter. Tells you something about Frank and Fitt’s evaluation skills.
  9. To be fair, we tried a partial rebuild but had to trade everything to make up for the mistakes of the partial rebuild.
  10. Right. My understanding is the stadium needs a lot of structural work to last another 20 some years.
  11. I can’t find anything that says they are tearing down and building from scratch. What I’m reading is they are expanding the upper deck to seat 8k more people, adding a sunshade, and renovating the concourses. I mean they say they are playing a year in the stadium during the upper deck expansion phase. Do you have a link to better info? But yes, this does seem more expansive that what BofA is doing. “Among plans for the project include installing a canopy to provide shade, rain cover and improved airflow for 100% of observers in outdoor seating; increased air conditioning; doubling the width of the main concourse and creating 360° connectivity on the upper concourse; 16 new escalators and 12 new elevators; 12 new restrooms and renovations and expansions to existing restrooms; and 190 new points of food and beverage sale. Stadium capacity will be flexible, with 63,000+ projected for Jaguars games and the ability to flex 70,000+ for the annual Florida-Georgia game and other major events. The following timeline for the stadium renovations was included in the agreement: Potential final Jacksonville City Council vote: June 25, 2024 NFL owners approval: Oct. 2024 Construction begins: Feb. 2025 2025 season: In Jacksonville with 60K+ stadium capacity 2026 season: In Jacksonville with approximately 43.5K stadium capacity 2027 season: Away from Jacksonville Renovations complete and facility opening: Aug. 2028
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