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  1. You can’t promote a coach without firing another coach.
  2. Brady is getting the blame but the repetitive plays are either because of the O line or to make things easier for Darnold.
  3. Glad he’s willing to try new things, but this is what you do when you have no idea what to do.
  4. Brian Burns recently said on a podcast that Rhule isn’t involved in the defense much. He’s more of an offense guy.
  5. Hmmm…sitting by himself huh? I guess is fam doesn’t want to watch either.
  6. If this is really who he is then we need to ride him until we have the highest pick we can get. *sigh* Another year where the off season is the most exciting time to be a panthers fan.
  7. Not defending NFL execs but facts are important. The ‘leak’ didn’t happen until AFTER the nfl sent a package of Gruden’s emails to the Raiders. They could have easily hidden these. It’s pretty clear the nfl wanted Gruden out and either they or the Raiders leaked them to the press.
  8. We’re not the only ones with kicker problems this season.
  9. Lol at the person in the stall on the right.
  10. Doubtful. Their defense is on pace to be the worst of all time. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/10/08/seahawks-defense-on-pace-to-give-up-most-yards-in-a-season-in-nfl-history/amp/
  11. Who hasn’t been connected to Watson at this point?
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