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  1. Sounds like a locker room signing to me.
  2. I went to a hornets game a few days ago. The most exciting thing about that game was seeing Mrs Tepper and our top 5 draft picks hanging out. Most HS bb games are more intense that that game was.
  3. The NBA has far too many games. It would be a more exciting sport if each individual game mattered.
  4. He doesn’t seem like a Rhule type. That plus his play make me think he’s out.
  5. Yeah, this has been a long time Steelers approach.
  6. This team is going to come together this year or next. I think Rhule’s approach to finding players is spot on. QB is the only thing that can hold the team back.
  7. This is so much better than the creepy Hurney on the phone pic we’re so used to.
  8. it’s funny how the QB thought about tackling him and just decided it wasn’t worth the effort.
  9. Your vids aren’t working on mobile for some reason.
  10. Outside of the first pick, this is what I was hoping they would do. We had a very thin roster and every draft pick rarely works out. We need as many at-bats as we can get.
  11. From everything I’ve heard from players, Tom is the coach of that team.
  12. I like that this thread is still active.
  13. I guess I’m thinking that Rhule and co want guys with the rare tools to play their position. I like Fields, but maybe they didn’t like his particular ‘toolset’ (physical or mental) or didn’t think it was much better than what Darnold had. Just guessing here. I mean, why on earth was he passed over for Trey Lance? Why is Denver staying with Teddy? Maybe teams were overthinking Fields, or maybe there was something us fans didn’t see.
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