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  1. This years draft is ok. Next year too? Now that’s pushing it.
  2. I hear ya, but who else could it be?
  3. I was just about to post this. Note, he said one or TWO ENTIRE drafts. I think he’s talking about us.
  4. That’s why I said I don’t think he’d ever do it. It would hurt his rep and future earning power.
  5. Haha...He wouldn’t do this, but he could screw them so bad. I wonder what they would do if he sat them down and said... Look, if I stay I will ignore every play call. My hammy might tighten up every game. You’ll have to bench me if you want to win. Trade me or pay me to lose games.
  6. It’ll get ugly. They are prob betting on him not wanting to give up the money or let his teammates down. I have a feeling that locker room is so F’ed up right now that the players would be disappointed if Watson played. He should start a go fund me to sit out the year and send it around the league...lolz
  7. In my experience, many many people think they can (and should) treat someone like poo if they are that person’s customer. Doesnt matter if you are wait staff or a $500/hr vendor. People will treat you like poo because they think you’re just supposed to take it. Total power trip and often comes from people who are abused themselves by their employers. Crap rolls downhill. I see it everyday.
  8. This goes back to Watson, but if all things are relatively equal, I’d rather trade with us. If we trade the farm, our picks are going to be worth more than the Jets or MIA.
  9. Pretty much everywhere. The coach and GM said as much in their press conferences.
  10. Pete wants to go all in on defense again with a rookie QB. And why not, it worked once before. He’ll get the draft picks to do it.
  11. Sounds like a bad idea to pin ourselves in a corner. We’ll be desperate. We’d have no QB going into the year so the price for trading up in the draft or for Watson will go up.
  12. It just means he won’t see official panthers updates and articles.
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