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  1. He looked fine in the locker room vids. He might be out next week but nothing more serious than that.
  2. I don’t want Wilks but 2-3 more wins against bad teams will probably be enough for Tepper.
  3. Yup. Finding that elite QB was always going to be luck. It always is. I really think we’ll be in QB purgatory for a long time. Most teams are.
  4. Tbe


    What’s funny is Seattle is gonna to end up with their top 5 pick.
  5. Yeah, Seattle may trade their Broncos pick as well. I just hope Tepper and Fitt look at the mistakes they’ve made (Sam and Baker) and the mistakes they would have made (Russel, Watson) and are going to be more cautious about throwing picks away.
  6. He could be something, but it would take a season or three as a starter to develop him really know what he can be.
  7. We’re going to get 7 wins this season. No top 5 or top 10 pick. Wilks will get the HC job. Darnold will start next year.
  8. Look, football is about relationships. That’s the most important thing. #OOU
  9. Don’t worry guys, he wasn’t trying to get better on purpose. "It was just conversations that ended up popping up," Darnold said. "It wasn't me trying to gain an edge or anything like that. It was just talking with the guys, and then all of a sudden, those conversations popped up. Football is fun, man; football is a fun game. So whenever you get a chance to talk about ball with the fellas, it's always fun to learn."
  10. Watched the entire interview. He doesn’t get it. Hearing him talk about what a NFL coach is and looking at what Sean Payton says it is…very different.
  11. Baker and Clausen is really close. I think Pickles threw more INTs though.
  12. But Wilson was awesome in Seattle. I think Pete is just a great coach who can get the most from his QBs and Wilson made the mistake of thinking it was him who was good.
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