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  1. Fluff piece but a good read. I was curious about how competitive he is. Sounds like that isn’t an issue.
  2. The fly private. Plenty of time to meet up with Bryce.
  3. I just learned the Tepper’s are the first owners to go to a pro day since Daniel Snyder. Discuss…
  4. I actually think they have some very valid points. Time will tell.
  5. Last year they would cut to the pro day during shows like that. I mean, what else do they have to cover this time of year?
  6. Me too! I wouldn’t make decisions but I would be in scouting meetings, pro days, combine, camps, everything. At least until the newness wore off.
  7. Just the Texans DPP and national scout. Indy isn’t there either. Just one scout.
  8. TD is just throwing poo so he can get more TV time. He doesn’t know anything.
  9. Agreed. The pluses for Stroud are his size and accuracy. I’m not as confident in his processing abilities though. I like Stroud but I really think the team has landed on Bryce.
  10. Maybe, but that isn’t obvious now. Wilson was clearly inferior to Lawrence back then. Wasn’t even close. Simms got caught up in the shiny new player and all the delusional projection you can do with a guy without a lot of film on him.
  11. Yep, Wilson over Lawrence was inexcusable.
  12. So far, I think they are going Bryce as well. Time will tell.
  13. I think they’ll get a fast rookie and just have him run to go routes.
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