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Trent Richardson traded to the Colts

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Guest KingKam

 hey there KT hows the kids

And, this is how it starts. You're an instigator. So KT is the euphemism used to call people who doesn't like Luck in this forum? Really! It's amazing how quick you got on the defensive. When I typed that I wasn't really sure, but now I realize they do exist. At least you always have 'back in the day' on your side. Lol


By the way. fug Luck. He sucks. They over hype him because of the younger talented QBs coming along. He is just another matt schaub. Will accumulate good team but never can pass the first round. Next peyton my ass.


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Guest KingKam

Ah...that explains it.  I was wondering what was going on.  

philly must really miss that KT dude.

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Guest KingKam

I guess we are just going to keep letting it slide that so many people on here keep  assuming that anyone who they feel mentions a specific topic that I will not name has to be the same guy whom they feel resembles the group that this unnamed contributor champions.  I mean of course there are no "undertones" to that line of thinking, because obviously it is impossible for more than one person of a similar "persuasion" to reach the same conclusions when presented with the same evidence.


Don't worry mods. I'm starting to learn the rules.


And by the way Andy Luck is seriously nothing special. Stop believing the hype.

Here is the rules and how it works. The PhillyBs on this forum instigate or 'pursue' and others take the bait and get banned. The PhillyBs are the voice of reason and others are very very very bad people. And bad people can't be panther fan if you know what I mean.


No matter what, Luck still sucks and can't complete 60% of his passes to get rid of his ugliness.


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