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Mr. Scot

Breaking down the league's head coaches

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Rule violations? jeezus...

In College you recruit the players you want.

In the Pros you draft the players you want and suppliment it through FA.

Either way, you've got to get them to play for you.

USC did legitimately get the NCAA backhand. Speculation that Oregon will too.

Detractors of Carroll and Chip Kelly will say that's why they headed to the NFL. Don't know that there's any validity to that. To be honest, don't really care.

Seems like half the programs in the NCAA have something funky going on these days.

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very interesting. good stuff.


not asking for more work from mr. scot, but i'm curious to see where the more recent failures (guys that got fired) the past couple years came from.

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Great post Mr. Scot. Love these type of well researched threads....


At this point I will be satisfied with a head coach who's strength is managing the game and surrounds himself with trustworthy play callers on Offense and Defense. 


Countless successful coordinators fail as head coaches and you could make a very long list of them as well.


Everyone knows Rivera is a proven defensive mind but he seems like he has no clue how to properly manage timeouts, know when its time to go for it on 4th and 1, and has countless other blunders when it comes to heat of the moment.

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good write up. one guy that really intrigues me that has some great qualities and a decent coaching resume is David Shaw. he has been the HC at Stanford for the last 2-3 years. before that, he was the OC there so he has that experience as well. what really makes him stick out is, he has NFL experience. was the quality control coach in Philly, Oakland.was  QB coach there as well in Oakland. he was also a QB and WR coach at Baltimore. he has tons of moxy, and charisma as he started out on college gameday this season as a guest host.(only time i watch espn shows)


with that said, he will take some courting to get here, but he is well worth it. is JR willing to pay the man, and go to Stanford to convince him to come back to the NFL to coach the panthers. plus JR would have to agree to pay his buyout with little research i found is $2 mill. he is coaching the school he attended so some major presentation would have to take place to get him to leave, but i think he would want to make that jump eventually.



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