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I can't find a job, therefore, I must be disabled

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ensure full employment and equal access to healthcare, education, food, and housing, or shut the fug up about welfare. of course that's not an order or anything because obviously neither will happen because the incessant whining has nothing to do with alleged waste or fraud and everything to do with driving down salaries and benefits by forcing people to choose between working for poo pay or starving


it's p great watching pretend wealthy people argue on behalf of the super-wealthy as if they'll someday be allowed into their rich white people club if they faithfully vote for republicans and whine on the internet just a little more, when in actuality their salaries will decline as the workforce becomes even more desperate and dependent upon the parasites who do little more than possess means of production

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Just about to post this.

Doesn't help that attorneys have taken over appeal process even to the level of outright fraud.

A retired Social Security judge in West Virginia collaborated with a lawyer to improperly award disability benefits to hundreds of applicants, according to a report released Monday by congressional investigators.

The report accuses retired administrative law Judge David B. Daugherty of scheming with lawyer Eric C. Conn to approve more than 1,800 cases from 2006 to 2010.

"By 2011, Mr. Conn and Judge Daugherty had collaborated on a scheme that enabled the judge to approve, in assembly-line fashion, hundreds of clients for disability benefits using manufactured medical evidence," said the report by the staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.


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Tort reform


As the 60 Minutes segment went over... people have done nothing more than bridge the gap between loss of unemployment benefits to Social Security using disability.  One disability judge even stated that half of America is going to be upset at this...and the other half will be lining up to apply for disability. 



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HA believe the hype...they are going to cut all programs soon....people lining up to cut their own fellow mans benefits...this is toooo classic "us vs. them" syndrome....keep on complaining and no one will have any benefits left...ask the military 

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This is the big issue.  We and our fellow man should have benefits.  Just because


Politicians have done a masterful job




Pursuit of Happiness

Tax Credit

Tax Cuts

Checks for multiple areas

Free crap upon whim

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