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Lane Kiffin, come on dowwwnnnn!

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4 seconds before the 2 min warning.


USC up by 3 threatening inside the Utah 25. Offense has just ran 3 run plays for a total of 9 yards and a ominous 4th and very short. (sound familiar?. Fuggin Deja Vu) A successful field goal is almost a guarantee at this distance even in college.  Kiffin calls for a measurement to save his last timeout and give himself time to confer with his QB. The call is obvious and known to all in the stadium, but he must see the fight in his eyes of his champion before he puts the ball in his hands.


The QB passes the test.


It takes short seconds before the offense is sent back on the field and even less for the QB to pass the message in the huddle.


Everyone knows whats coming.


Both teams approach the line with purpose. The tension is palpable. The defense will not be caught unawares.


Set, quick count, HIKE!!


The 6'1" 215lb QB receives the handoff. Check. Not even taking the time to tuck it, he crouches low behind the big butt of his faithful center.  He prays for a good push, inches is all he needs. An eternity passes in the 2 seconds it takes for the whistle to blow signaling the end of the play. Pushing and clawing continues as the refs sort through the pile to confirm what the line judge is already signaling.




The 2 minute warning sounds. USC lines up for one more run as Utah burns its last T/O. 


Game Over.



Announcer: this may be the way this team has to win, ugly, until this offense gets going




For those that have doubts about the call made at the end of the Panthers-Bills game, I give you



LANE fuggin Kiffin.


A man approaching certified badass status.

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This will not end well.

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lol, well it just happened.

1. Utah played BYU tonight.

2. There is no 2 min warning in college.

3. If Lane Kiffin is the answer, you're asking the wrong question.

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