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M3OW's Blockbuster Predictions (BYE + WEEK 5)

Blockbuster Predictions or Reviews?  

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  1. 1. Should I continue to attempt to predict these games -or- should I start to do my Blockbuster style with recap/reviews of the games?

    • Let's see how bad your record can be at predictions!
    • Give us recaps! There is no way anyone could actually predict this teams play.
    • Honestly, I just look at these threads to laugh and move on...

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It’s that time again, fellow Huddlers. The Bye Week has come and gone and it’s time for another. M3OW’S BLOCKBUSTER PREDICTIONS (Currently 0-3 :/ )!!!


Before I get started I just wanted to share how I spent my Bye Week. Back in July, my wife told me we were having my daughters birthday on Sunday Sep. 29th. I, of course, jumped the gun screaming about have a party on a Sunday during football season was out of the question (while checking the schedule on my phone). And to my great satisfaction, notice it’s was our BYE so I agreed. My wife then shocked me more when she told me she wanted it to be football themed. So, here it is... A picture of one of the few things in this world I care more about than the Panthers. My beautiful daughter for her first Birthday Party.




This is one happy Daddy!



ANYWAYS! It’s Week 4 and we are coming off a HUGE victory following the Giants game. Before, we were pronouncing Rivera’s career dead. But with the help of our down-on-their-luck team, Rivera’s career has been fooling some into thinking it’s still alive and well. So during the BYE and Week 4, our players have been spending the...






The past few years, our team has been so unlucky, so... depressing!!! They just can’t seem to catch a break. 




When approached with a chance to flirt with the Lombardi, our team seems to stutter and crumble.




All our team needed was a break. For something to go their way. And two weeks ago it happened. With there being a hit out on Rivera’s head and our team seeming to be dead with him they got their big chance and it seemed like the break we needed. 




Our players showed up and made a statement. Sadly, even when they won, Rivera’s Career had still been DOA.




Our team over the BYE had to figure out what to do. Do they let everyone know Rivera is toast, or do they pretend all is good and reap the benefits the rest of the season?




This week they will go into Arizona dragging the dead body of Rivera along with them in hopes no one will notice. In the beginning of the game, no one will and it will seem like the new free going Rivera of Week 3 is here to stay!




Gettleman will be shocked when he watches in and see the coach he thought he put down is now succeeding with the team.




 I know I’ve been light on predictions this week and it’s more of a statement, but with my record this year (Wrong every week!!!) I’ve decided it best to not jinx the team again with a prediction and just leave with two possible outcomes...


Does Rivera finally get declared DEAD...





Or does he dance the Calypso into Week 6?




Either way, the only prediction I feel save giving this week is this game will be determined by 7-points or less. Do the Panthers break the horrible Voodoo on them? Or do they continue to aimlessly walk into a sea of mediocracy.




Due to my lack of clairvoyance this season, I have considered instead of predictions... Doing Blockbuster Recaps or Reviews of our games after they are played. Let me know what you guys think in the vote above...

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Wow. Excellent work.


Keep them coming please. You have a warped sense of humor, but for some reason, it all works for me.


And congratulations on your beautiful daughter. 

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It really is like we're dragging a coach that's not a solution right along with solid squad who should be 2-1 at the very least right now.  


Funny sh*t





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