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What Ram fans are saying

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The Rams have some talent, especially on defense. I just don't trust their offense at all. 


20th in passing yards, 28th in rushing. Even though they put up decent scoring numbers last week for instance, I believe at least 14 of those points came from kickoff fumble return and the pick 6. 


If we win the turnover battle, we win. Simple as that IMO.



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They have Bradford at QB. Let me repeat that. Bradford.

Jackson is now on The Falcons.

Austin has been a disappointment thus far.

Their run defense is almost dead last.

Finnegan is done.

And they wanna talk? Ok...


Rams are 2-0 without finnegan who if you watched play this year was who every team targeted. As well as our new RB stacy who has also led to us being 2-0 in his 2 starts and Bradford is statistically in the top 10 in QBs this season with only 3 picks and 13 TD's (1 behind brees) a QB rating of 90...




Lets actually compare Newton and Bradford for a minute shall we.....


TD's Bradford = 13 Newton = 9

Int     Bradford = 3   Newton = 5

Yards Bradford = 1432  Newton = 1127

Completion %  Bradford = 59.8 Newton = 60.2

QB Rating Bradford = 90.7   Newton = 89.4

Sacked Bradford = 13      Newton = 16




So please o please tell me how Cam has been so much better this year? (less games and less attempts, yet more interceptions and sacks?

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This is the Rams numbers against the Texans.

Total First Downs

Rams 15 Texans 27

Total Plays

Rams 41 Texans 73

Total Yards

Rams 216 Texans 420

Total Time of Poss.

Rams 24:50 Texans 35:10

Total Turnovers

Rams 0 Texans 4

When looking at our blow out against the Vikings against their blow out agaist thg Texans, its clear their is a stark difference in our favor. Rams got blown out 31-7 against the Falcons and the Falcons D is horrid

Rams lost to falcons 31-24 so IDK where you get 31-7

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This has nothing to do with talent on paper.  Carolina is easily the better team in that comparison.  Coaching staff comparison though?  Every team beats the Panthers there.  

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Lol at WR/TE being labeled as a "push" do they even have a WR that has eclipsed over 700 yards rec last season?


Completely different core of players with Cook and Austin as well as Quick getting time now so it is not correct in looking at last season

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Rams numbers don't matter.  The Panthers will be their own weakness in this game.  Everytime they do something good they fug it up the next week.  (Talking about when they are not out of contention already.  Not the nothing to lose run off 5 wins to make the season respectable bull poo).  If the Panthers are truly going to turn the corner, they need to have a convincing win this week and go 4-0 the second qtr of the season. 

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Falcons D is beyond horrible. Those numbers make it look like the Texans shot themselves in the foot - with those turnovers. Something's wrong over in Houston.

I'm not going to say this is a win with the Rams. We're both horribly inconsistent teams. So it will be interesting to see who shows up.

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This weeks humor and disrespect is brought to you by Ramsondemand.com. I joined the site and am trying to engage in friendly talk, but so far I've been informed that we aren't as good as the Rams because of the competition we've played, circumstances, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, so far they're a civil bunch and have a lot in common with us. Our teams are similar and the fan bases seem to be as well.

Here are a few blumbs I found interesting.

So, if you join please be civil. I don't want to get booted because some of you idiots can maintain an intelligent conversation. However, I do hope to see some others jump in and join the fray.


Lol half of petersons yards came on one play id say we shut him down we were up so much in the second half they really couldnt afford to run

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