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Awesome PFF stat about our pass rush.

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Dex    12,316

12.30 – Signature Stat Snapshot – Pass Rushing Productivity

Another one of our signature stats and this time we’re looking at which 4-3 defensive ends are getting the most pressure per snap? So with the seven games up who is tearing to the top?

1. Charles Johnson, CAR: 13.7

2. Everson Griffen, MIN: 13.6

3. Greg Hardy, CAR: 13.5

4. Mario Addison, CAR: 11.8

5. Justin Tuck, NYG: 11.7


Holy poo! Dat Dline!




Some other little notes from PFF.


11.00 – Signature Stat Snapshot: Adjusted Accuracy Percentage

The second one of the day. This time we’re taking into account the drops, throw aways, spikes and more to look at who really are the most accurate quarterbacks in the league. Who are the best from the seven games we’ve graded so far? Let’s see.

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB: 96.2%

2. Matthew Stafford, DAL: 81.8%

3. Cam Newton, CAR: 81.3%

4. Colin Kaepernick, SF: 80%

5. Geno Smith, NYJ: 77.8%


07.00 – Panthers at Buccaneers Game Notes

- The three highest graded players were Jordan Gross (+5.2), Jeremy Zuttah (+2.9) andCam Newton (+2.8)

- The three lowest graded players were Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (-5.4), Mason Foster (-5.3) and Ted Larsen (-3.0)

- Another extremely efficient performance from Newton. He had an adjusted accuracy percentage score of 78.1%.

- Teams not afraid to mix up their defensive fronts. The Panthers had an 8-to-4 split in base of 4-3 to 3-4 looks, while the Buccaneers were at 17-to-13.

- In the battle between Steve Smith and Darrelle Revis, Revis was thrown at twice with both passes resulting in pass deflections (though with one of them he was lucky with a pass deflection)



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fieryprophet    6,863

We're still the 2nd highest PFF graded team overall, and still the only one with a positive grade in every facet they track.

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Khaki Lackey    5,086

We are a few pieces (WR and OL) away from being scary good. Like 14-2, Super Bowl, good.

I'm not even that worried about the secondary anymore.

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Dex    12,316

Dat Addison

Super Mario son. Frank Alexander who?

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CelticCat    324

Dat Addison



I was expecting to see CJ and Hardy like #3 and #5 before reading. To see Addisons name even on the list is shocking.


Might not be racking up the sack stats but were bringing pressure, even from the LBs this year.


ATL could be a fun game to watch.

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Mr Mojo Risin    1,108

I am absolutely stunned that addison is top 5 in pressures per snap if he continues to develop this season I dont think we'll pay the kraken big money

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