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Well, now that the trade deadline is over, we can relax (Gordon nor anyone else is coming).

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All Panthers fans who were hoping for a Josh Gordon trade (myself included) can go to sleep at night without that pipe dream dancing around in our heads.  We can now move forward with the thought that our receiving corps is apparently "good enough", the same words that G-man used to describe Ted Ginn Jr.'s hands, and an apropos characterization of what we've seen out of our receivers so far this season.  We can take our 31st ranked passing offense with a grain of salt, and say, "We've got our ball control offense down to a tee, and, in the end, we're winning ball games."


We can only hope that our defense keeps playing up to a high level (and/or keeps getting lucky as some would say), and that our receivers are "good enough" when we battle the Patriots, 49ers and Saints. We can also continue to hope that B-Will and/or Marvin McNutt will come through for us if and when the time comes for one or both of them to step up.  Speaking of which, the thought that McNutt might be needed went like a flash through our minds as Steve Smith appeared to have a leg injury (sitting out several plays) during the Bucs game.  Of course I have some faint recollection of a guy named...Hicks...nooo...Dominique...oh yeah, that's right, Domenik Hixon. But, who cares? It couldn't possibly come to that anyway. We can all knock on wood. Of course, Greg Olsen has been plodding around in a walking boot during the week, but hopefully it continues to be for precautionary reasons. Even if not, we have B-Will waiting in the ranks...No? OK...We have Ben Hartsock ready to come in and fill the void.  


So, We can all continue to rest "well enough" while our "good enough" receiving corps continues to take the NFL by storm.  May I also suggest that you flush any thoughts of the Panthers FO picking up Kenny Britt, or, particularly, Fred Davis, out of your minds once they get cut because that wouldn't fall in with our "good enough" philosophy when it comes to our receiving corps. That would be, perhaps, a wee bit better than "good enough".  


In any event, we can all be rest assured that come the 2014 draft, a "good enough" receiving corps is not going to be "good enough" anymore. We will be forced to acquire a couple of wide-outs whose hands and overall game can be outstanding.




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What did you think we were going to do?

I didn't expect we were gonna do anything we never have....we don't make big moves we don't go after "questionable" superstars, we never have like I've said in an earlier topic our front office seems to have this "good ole boy" mindset.....It shocked me we even took cam newton as he wasn't prototype pocket qb....I just ignore all free agent hopes from the get go we don't make splashes we sit on the side of the pool and chill while everyone else plays....

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