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The Returned

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Has anyone else checked this show out on Sundance? It’s a French drama that just premiered over here in America. It’s pretty good so far.

Kind of difficult to describe without spoiling it but it’s basically about “zombies”(Zombies in the sense they’re undead).  Once dead people come back to a small town but it’s more of a character driven.  

Part of a review here (The rest of it contains spoilers)


Critics and Sundance Channel marketing heads are selling The Returned  as a "French zombie series," and understandably so. Yes, people do come back from the dead and start walking amongst the living


here will be plenty of The Walking Dead fans who'll give The Returned a look simply because of its walker connection, but viewers hoping to see another survival tale about mobile cadavers eating people and getting cross-bow arrows shot into their head should be warned: The Returned is the anti-Walking Dead. It's the anti-everything-you-think-you-know-about-zombies,


The macabre, character-driven series is more about emotions than scares—for every time you'll cower in fear, you'll feel those heart-strings tug three to four more times


Yet it's never weepy or heavy-handedly melodramatic. As overseen by series creator Fabrice Gorbet, The Returned strikes the perfect balance between creepiness and poignancy. That duality is in the show's premise: In a small, tightly knit community, five long-dead people have inexplicably come back, looking and acting exactly like they did right before they died

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I thought about checking it out until I learned it was subtitled.

Being an American, I am entirely too lazy to read and watch a show at the same time.


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