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Panthergurus mock offseason

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Key Carolina Free agents to sign:

Greg Hardy- The #1 priority in the offseason without overpaying hopefully.

Hakeem Knicks- Between Smith, the emergence of Ted Ginn Jr. and Brandon Lafells consistency, we could have one of the better and deeper receiving corps in the NFL which is important since Cam is distributing the ball better lately.

Brandon Lafell and Ted Ginn Jr.- These two are important for depth and for their very specific contributions to the team.

Jordan Gross- We need another year or two from him until we can get an elite replacement.

Mike Mitchell- This guy has been great for the defense and I want him back.

Collin Cole- Been great to have this vet to teach the young guys.

Drayton Flourence- we don't know if captain will be back this coming year and we could really use his veteran presence with the young guys.

Quinten Mikell- Good depth at safety and has done a good job of leading the back 4.

Captain Munnerlyn- would like to have him back but I don't know if he will command too much money since he has had a good year this year.

1st Mike Evans 6-5 225 lbs WR Texas A&M- I know that we need offensive line REALLY bad but this guy is big time and would give the offense 1 of the best red zone targets in college football. He could be here a long time and be a great long term #1 option for cam.

2nd Louchiez Purifoy 6-0 195 lbs CB Florida- A big corner who can do it all. He's also a good special teamer. He would be a nice replacement for slackers in the secondary that just aren't cutting it. ie Norman, Thomas etc.

3rd Anthony Steen 6-2 310 lb OG Alabama- This guy has championship pedigree and could be a guy that comes in and adds depth to a young offensive line (outside of Gross obviously)

4th Morgan Moses OT Virginia 6-6 325 lbs- I don't know much about this guy but lookin at his position and height/weight combo, he sounds like more of a mauler type of tackle that may take time to develop but would once again be good depth for a young offensive line.

5th Xavier Grimble 6-5 255 lbs TE USC- This could be a cheap answer to our #2 TE issue that we have had. I know Brandon Williams is on the roster but not a bad idea to get insurance in case he can't do as well as we think he can.

6th Keon Lyn 6-1 201 lb CB Syracuse- This guy is big and fast the only problem is that he's hurt. Drafting injured players is risky especially when they're out an entire year. But it's a sixth round pick and this is where you take you gambles right.

7th Chaz Sutton DE 6-4 263 lbs South Carolina- Although I think we should resign hardy to keep up our dominant front 7, there's always the possibility that he doesn't sign here. So you take a fly on a guy that may or may not contribute.

7th Jeremy Deering 6-1 200 FS Rutgers- A big safety that may be able to come into our practice sqad and later contribute if not oh well

Potential Starting lineup:


QB: Cam

RB: Williams/Stewart

FB: Tolbert

LT: Gross

LG: Amini

C: Kalil

RG: Wharton

RT: Moses ®

WR 1: Knicks/Evans

WR 2: Smith/Lafell

TE: Olsen/Williams

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as of now were not going to be in position to get evans

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Hakeem Knicks, o we mane

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Agree with Panthro, though I might throw a CB or WR in there

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So, Knicks, huh? Do we get all of them? Is Spike Lee included in that package?

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Seeing what the DLine draft last year did for our defense and with Gross way long in the tooth, I don't see how we don't hit the OLine early and secure the future of the offense.  I remember Cam on his back last season and he cannot get it to any receiver from there.  And, as mentioned, Evans could go top ten anyway.


If a great OT is there, he should be ours, if not, then look for an elite WR or CB.

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Ebron would be our best pick IMO, i would love to run more 2 TE sets and he is the best of the bunch....we only have 1 TE on the year who has a catch(olsen).

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