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Game 6: Charlotte Bobcats vs. New York Knicks

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Eazy-E    1,200

I think Kemba is still hurt but with Jefferson already out he is just trying to be a leader. I know we started well last year but even without big Al this team looks like they are gelling with each other. If we end up with 3 picks this draft we will end up being a team to watch in the east.

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ZB1224    105

Maybe a little too far, but I'm not a fan of Melo's game.


Yeah a bit too far lol. I'm surprised that you like Bargs more than Melo considering they are very similar (except that Melo is much better at just about everything). I like Melo a lot, but I'm not a huge fan of his game. Everyone for some reason acts like Kobe is a ballhog, despite leading the league in apg for a SG almost every year of his career, but Melo is a true ballhog. He literally never passes. He also doesn't give it his all on defense and he's in his prime. I am a big fan of his scoring ability though (although he can win you games and lose you games).

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DEF!!!!! I'm loving how MKG is playing RIGHT NOW!!!


Nah see your Harrison Barnes Bench warmer threads...your banned from this board lol..

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