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Jersey buying - An advice thread

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Put you own last given name,or your Huddle name on the jersey. Since you are not a Panther player the jinx will not apply. End of problem. :)

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    • This rookie class really seems like a group of hungry football players, not just athletes.  Guys like CMC, Samuel, Moton etc.. all seem like they are gym rats with a passion for the game.  Pair them up with this stellar locker room and film rats like Luke and this could be Gettlemans best draft ever.  Give me guys with football intelligence and passion for the game over egotistical  athletic freaks all day. 
    • So you are saying we should ignore all the wrongs of history and the wrongs of present day?  Our country isn't ignoring race.  What you're saying isn't rooted in what the reality is, because when we do look at race, we see how ugly this country is.  Once things are set right, once injustice has been redressed, then I'll be satisfied.  How many times have black people had to start over in this country?  I'm tired of ignoring race, only to have my stuff burned down again and starting over.
    • So you choose to look at people based on race instead of them as an individual person. When you put it that way, you'll never be satisfied. Grouping people into race categories that have nothing to do with a person's character, personality, or any of the sort will always show a variation in data across all groups under that category. It's virtually impossible to make race groups all the same due to the fact it has nothing to do with any one of those people's characteristics, which are random and probability showing it's impossible for everything to be equal.