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come in this topic and say why you hate saints and love Panthers

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 05:23 PM

My dislike for them is really based on the city and culture of New Orleans...............I can't stand the food, their music and that ridiculous voodoo celebrations they have down there......like jazz funerals......

But most of all I can't stand how that talk.....

Particularly this..........

.........WHO DAT!!!

I hate that crap.....and the team represents that hole of a town.............

Oh and one other thing..........Brees like Brady is a physical pussy only a smaller version...............

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 05:24 PM

Reasons I hate the Saints:

1. Their fans are the most obnoxious people in this league. Hands down the most disrespectful and self-entitled (for some reason) people in this league.
2. The Saints organization reflect the same attitude and in their eyes...they can do no wrong. Instead of giving us credit for sweeping them last year, they blame it on the fact that Sean Payton was suspended.
3. IMO...they robbed one of the best QBs to ever play the game his chance to go out on top. Instead of playing the game with integrity and finding a way to stop Bret Farve, they resorted to intentionally hurting him.
4. They also targeted OUR ROOKIE QUARTERBACK because they simply could not find a way to contain him.
5. When they were busted for BountyGate...the organization and the fan base both acted like they did nothing wrong and that THEY WERE THE VICTIMS!

6. Stop hiding behind Katrina!!!
7. Roman Harper's late hit...fortunately, Smitty handled that BS.

There are numerous others....those are just the ones that piss me off the most. FUG THE TAINTS!

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 05:29 PM

Reasons why I hate the Stains:


1. My entire Dad's side of the family was born and raised in New Orleans. Any time we go there for family gatherings (about twice a year), all I fugging hear is WHO DAT and "How them panther doin this year?" as they sport their Brees and Colston jerseys that still have the tags on them. They are the epitome of bandwagon Aints fans, and they brush off the bounty scandal because "everyone else was doing it." Even my Dad does it....He used to be a Cowboys fan before 06.


2. I went to the game in 08 where we barely won on a last second Kasay field goal. I was wearing my Delhomme jersey and the Aints fans in that shithole of a dome were the most hostile bunch I'd ever been around - I go to the University of Tennessee so I know hostile. I had a beer cup and other trash items thrown at me, and not once did I retaliate. Heckling is one thing; throwing physical objects is another.


3. The dome is a piece of trash that still smells like poo from its stint as a homeless shelter during Katrina. Just the mere thought of the chaos that took place there haunted me as I watched that game.


4. Some of their fans claim Katrina was a "positive event" that washed out all of the "trash" from the city and gave it and the Saints new life. I don't think a storm that killed thousands and caused billions of dollars of damage was a "positive event." Assholes.


5. Bourbon St. and the French Quarter can be fun, but the rest of the city is a shithole...and I know because I go there two to three times a year. It really does smell like poo. I'm afraid to take my shoes off anywhere, even in hotel rooms. The food is pretty good though.


6. Brees is as fake as they come. The media portrays him as some kind of god but he's a complete douche to most people. My dad is high school friends with this guy who wrote a book on the Saints Superbowl run and even he said that Brees was a huge douche when he interviewed him...Brees would ask things like, "is this interview over yet?" or "is that all I need to say?" and never said thanks or anything.


7. Seeing Payton's face makes me want to punt a puppy. He's a vicoden addicted, bounty encouraging asswipe.


8. Fujita's cheap shot on 89.


9. Jimmy fugging Graham. He's by far my least favorite player in the league. I take shits that are prettier than this guy. He's all talk but pussys out when it comes to being physical. And he fugs up goal posts. At least 89 backs up his talk.


10. Most Saints fans can't name the coach before Ditka or the quarterback before Aaron Brooks.


11. I'd like to punch Kenny Vaccaro.


12. Who Dat is a grammatically incorrect chant stolen from the Bengals...oh well, it epitomizes New Orleans.


13. Dat Alice.


14. Benson tried to take the easy way out and move the team to San Antonio when half of NOLA was underwater....the rest of the story has been discussed in previous posts.


15. Aintsreport bans any rival team's fans if they say the slightest thing to contradict the groupthink that takes place over there. Grow some balls you bunch of swamp tard pussies.


16. That classless bunch of turds cheered when they tried to take out Cam and it appeared that he was hurt.




Reasons why I love the Panthers:


Growing up in the Triangle, the Panthers were my introduction to football as a young kid, even though this was around 2001. I've loved them since then through thick and thin. Not to mention Charlotte is one of my favorite cities in the world. Being a Panthers fan gives me an identity - I like being a true fan and not someone who just hops on the bandwagon when the team is winning. Our fans are (mostly) full of class and positively reflect the way of life in the Carolinas.

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 06:04 PM

All of you have given a lot of great reasons to hate the Saints, but I have one more...


The last game of 2011 in the dome. We had half our defense out due to injuries. We clearly could not compete that day. So what do the Saints do? Make a conscious effort to run up yards and points chasing personal records.


That was absolutely classless. Even without other good reasons, I will forever hate Drew Brees and Sean Payton for that demonstration of how not to be a good winner.


Come to think of it, the Saints really have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.