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Credit to reddit for this

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Apparently, this image has been on the Saints sub-reddit for most of the year. The second half of this image was added on by a user on the Panthers sub-reddit.


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    • We don't know if we have or not. Only way we know most of this is the players taking to social media.
    • Howard's probably the safest pick that Gettleman could make considering where we are picking. -
    • John Ross has WR1 potential despite his size. I know his injury history is rough, but I've watched a ton of UW games, and Ross is the real deal.  Maybe not OBJ good, but he's got Brandin Cooks meets DeSean Jackson kind of composition. As a Ross fan, I would be disappointed with him at 8, but I think he is exactly what we need between our trees of KB13, Funchess, and Olsen.  I'd honestly be bothered if we go WR at 8. I do like Davis, but if we are looking to give Cam a receiving weapon at 8, then his name is OJ Howard. Speedy WR can wait until a later pick, IMO.  Other guys that I would be unhappy with at 8.... Allen, Foster, Cook, any CB, OT, and any WR... pass on all of them. There's 5 guys on my board at 8 (excluding Garrett): Adams, Thomas, Hooker, Fournette, Howard..... in that order. I'm guessing at least 2, if not 4 of those 5 names are gone by pick #8.