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Actually, NJPanthers12 (the same guy that tried to act like he was a Panthers insider and then Eagles Insider on twitter) has copied and pasted things making it appear that I have said things that I haven't.

U guys should know better... How can u believe someone that has proven to be a fraud time and time again?

Oh I get it... You can't see past his BS, and it's more fun to pile on me. It's cool, I get it. I can take the BS though.

My Panthers are on top, so say what u want. It bothers me not. Just thought I should expose his lies for what they truly are.

Carry on

I've only seen a couple of your posts but already I can tell you are a condescending bitch that deserves castration. Please go away. 

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is anyone else starting to wonder how TCF really cracked his vertebrae? 


Took a little trip up Brokeback Mountain, methinks

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