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Is He the Right Man?

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Zeller isn't seeing the court enough (in my opinion)...


He was the fourth pick in the draft and he's not even playing half the game. Over the past seven games he's averaging only 13 minutes per game... That's pathetic. He's only played at least half the game twice out of 36 games this year.


When he sees time (i.e. the Bucks game) he actually gets a chance to get in rhythm: 12 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks


Due to the fact that he's not getting the amount of time that these other bigs mentioned got (Aldridge/Drummond); I believe it will take him longer to fully develop (possibly two years).


However the thing about Zeller is that he is a pretty straight forward player, as in you know what you're going to get... so you never know; he might end up being just a role player.

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Al Jefferson has a vertical of 2 inches. Zellers is pretty crazy for a big man. He's really athletic. That's anti- Jefferson. Now if your saying he should model his game around him that's a different story. Cody would be great in the post with a few of big ALS moves. If zeller got people up in the air like Jefferson does then he would have an easy dunk every time. Whereas Jefferson has to pump fake at least 3 more times.

I think everyone should give zeller a few seasons. Hell we have given 3 to biyombo and a full season to mkg. And those guys are untouchable on this board. Give zeller some te to adjust and get some confidence.


He's really missing having a great pump fake... if you watch him; you'll notice that it's way to slow. 


Jefferson has a real quick fake that gets his defender off the floor than does his patented spin move to the baseline and finishes with the right hand.


Just my opinion, but Zeller needs to spend a little time with the centers in practice.

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