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What the Huddle WANTS this Offseason (Photoshop Edition)

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As you all may have noticed, there are a LOT of opinions about what the team should do this offseason. Well, I'm here to bring those "dreams to life" with the power of photo shop... Enjoy!


First off, this idea has been strongly supported by our fearless leader Zod. I give you our new OC:





Next we have a image for what the Huddle has been screaming for the entire season. So without further ado.... I call this one "Pay The Man!":





Next in our gallery, we have a wonderful piece inspired by the cry of the Huddle toward our Draft this year. It's called "Weapons of mass Offense":





Here was have a period piece. Notice the noir style to truly capture the desperation of the subjects. Title- "I'm Not Even Suppose To Be Here This Season":





I will continue to work on this gallery as more popular opinions pop up. Until then, I will gladly take ideas on this thread into consideration for future pieces. 


Also.... Enjoy the new Sig, boys!

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Can you cyborg out Stew's legs?

Maybe Gettleman in the classic "deal you can't refuse" scene...

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Delete the pay the man one. He isn't getting a big deal that will prevent us from adressing our other needs

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Al Gore can now die a happy man knowing that his vision for the internet reached it's full intellectual and spiritual capacity.

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