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Greatest Video Game Franchises

GOAT Franchises  

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  1. 1. Which is the best?

    • Mario/ Zelda/ Pokemon
    • Mortal Kombat/ Street Fighter
    • Elder Scrolls/ Fallout
    • Metal Gear Solid/ Tom Clancy
    • Resident Evil/ Silent Hill
    • Battlefield/ COD/ Halo
    • Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts
    • Uncharted/ Max Payne
    • Counter Strike/ Half Life
    • Grand Theft Auto/ Red Dead Redemption
    • Assassin's Creed/ Hitman
    • Portal/ Bioshock
    • God of War/ Dark Souls
    • World of Warcraft/ League of Legends
    • Batman Arkham/ Gears of War
    • Mass Effect/ Star Wars
    • FIFA/ Madden/ 2K etc.
    • Misc. Racing games.
    • Other omg how did you miss ....

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i voted for mario and legend of zelda (dont care for pokemon).  Just because i have played every installment dating back to the nes days. Sure same gameplay but what franchise doesn't. They are fun games that suck the player into the colorful world.  Both give you a chance to play through the fantasy of being a hero and saving the princess/ world.


The other franchises i would have gone with if you asked me during the 90s/early 2000s would be resident evil and final fantasy. But since re4 and final fantasy x they have sucked. Resident evil trying to be a call of duty/gears of war clone instead of staying with what made them famous in the first place. Monsters, limited ammo, creapy music, detective gameplay (yes i like solving puzzles and using my brain), forced co op (nothing beats just you being alone no one else there) and even the fixed camera angles. Brought a feel of you was playing a horror movie. As for final fantasy, the newer stories and characters have just been boring.


Not a first person/cover and military shooter fan so will never vote for them.

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Final Fantasy is a strong one.

I wanna do naked things with your sig.

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System Shock 1 and 2 are still two of the best action RPG's ever made. They literately changed the face of western rpg's and action games. Then you have the spiritual successor of Bioshock as well. 


System shock 2 might be one of the greatest achievements in video game history. Not nearly enough people played it and if you haven't played it before I suggest picking it up on Steam and playing it. 


I didn't vote for Bioshock, because the better half of the SS/Bioshock is system shock 1 & 2. 


I'm going off of technical merit, gameplay and how much it changed the industry with game design. 

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I'd have to vote for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 is still my favorite game of all time, and FF8 and FF10 are also very solid additions to the franchise. 

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GTA V alone made it the best franchise of all time. It is undeniably the GOAT game in my opinion.

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As far as franchises I really love:


-Final Fantasy:  Played since the NES days, though I haven't been as interested since FF7...  But those games, including the gameboy games, have been epic in my life.


-Halo - I love it.  Other's don't.  It's cool to agree to disagree.  I feel like 343 can keep the game fun, and improve as they continue forward.


-Everquest.  C'mon man!  How did anyone not play this game?  Heck, SoE is STILL MAKING EXPANSIONS!  PEOPLE STILL PLAY!  ZOMG!  There are a number of better MMOs out there, but its hard to beat the bredth of the entire series.  Kind of nuts.

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