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Big A

Was reading PhillyB's thread about his decayed teeth.....

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So just catching up on some missed threads and was surprised how much tooth rot is on this board!

i went to the dentist today and had x-rays done and it turns out the tooth is abscessed. dammit. evidently my old filling had come out and the thing got infected and slowly decayed. the dentist recommended i have immediate surgery to get it yanked and then decide if i want to have a crown put in or not.

It reminded me if this article:


Maybe it's time some y'all consider switching to a plant based whole foods diet with a minimum of 51% raw?

PS- congrats on new car Phil, a red Mini with racing stripes, you're going to have all the 15 year old girls so jealous. Was the Hello Kitty one not available?


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SO guys I searched the forums for stuff about PhillyB so I could try and embarrass him. Did I do it?!?!?



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