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Best rim protector in the NBA: Bismack Biyombo

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I don't understand what people expected out of him.  When we drafted him, I don't remember anyone being excited for 15ppg+ or anyone that even had that notion.  Now all of a sudden people expect that?  He was NEVER drafted to be a scorer, the hope/ceiling was that he could get around 10ppg with putbacks and dunks.  He's not going to do a 15 foot fadeaway jumper.  He's not Chris Bosh.  He's a in your face defender that doesn't back down and plays hard.  He wouldn't even be out of normal college by now.   I promise you there would be a ton of teams offering him a contract right now, and I'm talking about contenders.  He's the type of guy you want on your team in the playoffs.

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by the way- the only 6 guys i would rather have than Biz that were taken after him:


#7 - Biz

#8- Brandon Knight

#9- Kemba (doesnt count)

#10- Jimmer Fredette

#11- Klay Thompson

#12- Alec Burks

#13- M.Morris 1

#14- M.Morris 2

#15- Kawhi Leonard

#16- Nikola Vucevic

#17- Iman Shumpert


#19- Tobias Harris

#20- Donatas Montiejunas


#22- Kenneth Farried


#24- Reggie Jackson

#25- Marshon Brooks


#30- Jimmy Butler (gem in the 2nd)


#38- Chandler Parsons (gem in the 2nd)


#60 Isaiah Thomas

id take kenneth faried over bismack any day

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interesting numbers:

2011 --- 23.1 minutes played --- .464 FG% --- .483 FT% --- 5.8 rpg --- 1.8 bpg --- 0.0 3pt%

2012 --- 27.3 minutes played --- .451 FG% --- .521 FT% --- 7.3 rpg --- 1.8 bpg --- 0.0 3pt%

2013 --- 15.5 minutes played --- .645 FG% --- .528 FT% --- 5.3 rpg --- 1.3 bpg --- 0.0 3pt%


his minutes have been cut in half but his FG% jumped a ton, he has improved his FT every year and still a monster on the boards and still adjusting shots with half his minutes, AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF - his 3pt FG% has been consistent throughout his career!!!

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