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Andre Roberts - The Affordable Receiver That We Should Be Thinking ABout

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Instead of thinking about Decker or Nicks, both of whom will likely want more money that the team is willing or able to spend, Andre Roberts is a guy that is extremely underrated and will likely be in our price range.


The facts -


- He was showing a lot of promise as the #2 behind Larry Fitzgerald, even with the terrible string of QBs that were in Arizona.  When they finally got a decent QB (and Palmer is just that, decent) Michael Floyd was ready to break out.  He is basically behind an all-time great and a top 15 draft pick.


- He's a fantastic blocker, something that Rivera values. 


- He's affordable.  This is the most important note, as he is a player that will likely be within our budget.


Personally, I think that if we were to sign Roberts, he would instantly become the best receiver not named Steve Smith that we've had in many years. 


Other receivers that I'd be interested in us giving a look...


Golden Tate (Solid receiver and can return kicks if we lose Ginn)

Sidney Rice (Injury concerns, but likely affordable)

Santonio Holmes (I know, he's washed up...but for the price of acquisition, he may have a career rebirth with Cam Newton throwing him the bal)





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Roberts is a slot guy only, no? I'll still take him


He's played in the slot recently, but he's not limited to that role.

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He benefited a lot from having Fitz there. But yes, I'd be okay with him. Still want to draft a WR, and would rather have Nicks for a good price.

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