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Matthias' Mock 2014 (Final)

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Posted 11 April 2014 - 11:06 PM

My last mock of the year.  It's been an interesting season concerning the prospects.  Some improved their position.  Others fell off the map.  After a lot of careful consideration, I've selected seven guys who I believe will take this team over the top this year.




2014 NFL Draft








1st Round:  Jordan Matthews





Mr. Matthews (Boy Meets World reference) is a receiver that can be molded into what you want him to be.  You want him to be a possession receiver and keep those chains moving?  He can do it.  You want him to run a deep route and burn his guy for a touchdown?  He can do that.  You want him to go up and acrobatically come down with a floater?  No problem there.  So he can do it all.  As good as all that is and his skill set, his best quality is the discipline and maturity he displays.  He may even be more mature than Jerry Rice was at that point in his career, though I can't prove it hehe!  Yet I do know Matthews probably took down some pointers from Rice, and learn from his experiences.



No, Matthews may not have the ceiling Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans have, though I would attempt to debate that.  However I can say Matthew's floor is the highest out of this receiver class.  If Sammy has the best hands, Jordan is second to him.  If Kelvin Benjamin has the best leaping ability, Jordan is second in that category.  If it's said Jarvis Landry has the best hands in this class, Jordan is right behind him.  So at worst, I believe Matthews will turn out to be an average number one receiver in his career.  Matthews is already a strong receiver, able to break difficult tackles.  Yet let him hit our weight room, and in a year or two he will be looking like Andre Johnson.





2nd Round Pick:  Jaylen Watkins





My first surprise pick of the draft.  Many will ask me why am I not drafting a tackle here after going receiver in the first?  It's true offensive tackle is our most pressing need going into the draft, but I believe all the big name ones will be gone even before our first round pick.  It's possible Cyrus Kouandjio will be here to pick up, yet I think I'll pass on him.  Physically he reminds me of Bruce Campbell, and that relationship didn't go anywhere here in Carolina.  Don't get me wrong, Cyrus is a better prospect than Bruce Campbell, but perhaps overall their talent coming out of college wasn't that big a gap.  A lot of buzz is going on around Billy Turner.  If he really has the potential people are saying he has, he'll be gone by this pick.  Yet personally if he were available, he is still considered something of a project player.  I don't want to take a chance on guys this early in the draft.  Other than that, guys like Jack Mewhort, Ja'Wuan James, and perhaps Morgan Moses will be available.  I'll pass on those guys.



The other question many will form is who is Jaylen Watkins, that I should draft him with our second round pick?  I really like Watkins.  He's improved every year he was at Florida from a statistical perspective.  From everything I'm seeing about him, I'd say he is close to another sure thing as Matthews is.  He has a lean body frame, but this guy is strong.  Just about every time he gets his hands on his opponent, they go down.  He showed his speed on the field and at the combine.  As it is right now, he could come in and immediately be a star nickel corner for us.  I can see him getting key turnovers frequently.  In my opinion, he's a workout warrior.  Like Matthews, let him hit our weight room, and he will be one of the strongest corners in the league. (And if he does that without a loss in speed, he will be a star corner for sure)





3rd Round Pick:  Antonio "Tiny" Richardson






Due to knee surgery before the 2013 season, and an underwhelming combine performance, many believe Richardson's draft stock will fall.  One analyst said Richardson should sit out his rookie year.  For whatever reason he falls, I'll gladly pick him up here.  He did have a pretty good year in spite of knee surgery, only giving up two sacks.  He will have to get stronger concerning his run blocking, but already his pass blocking is great.  So much so that he could start immediately as a left tackle.  Every time they sent a blitz toward his side, he pretty much stone walls the opposition.  One thing is for sure, he is a first round talent.  The only question mark is will the knee be a problem throughout his career?





4th Round Pick:  James Hurst





Another guy who fell due to injury.  His injury is healing up as evidence by his participation in his pro day.  So if healthy, he's another close to sure prospect for us who can play either LT or RT.  I think he could start right away, but I'd like for him to sit a little bit and develop.  Yet if for some reason Richardson had to sit out, Hurst could immediately start in his stead.





5th Round Pick:  Storm Johnson





I know this may seem like a wasted pick.  We have two running backs, whom are eating up all of our money, with another one waiting on the sidelines.  Why draft another one?  Well, Stew has had problems staying healthy, whereas D-Will needs very big holes to run through in order to be effective.  As it is right now, we have no one defined running back that we can depend on. (I don't really consider Barner being a dependable back, though it's still early on to see if he can develop)  So this brings me to Storm Johnson.  This is another guy I like very much.  He has a big frame, but his running is very well balanced.  Able to maintain control even after making some crazy cuts.  Plus I get the vibe that he can stay healthy.  If we do draft him, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins the starting role in preseason.  I wouldn't have one problem with D-Will or Stew being back ups with their contracts.  They would be just as productive as they are now, if not more so with even less carries.





6th Round Pick:  Matt Patchan





You can see from some of those highlights of Andre Willams, that Patchan paved the way for a lot of his big runs.  In a good bit of them, you could see #77 pulling hard to the right.  We certainly know he has the ability to pull effectively, as you can see in his combine numbers.  Patchan's journey to the NFL so far has been a long one.  This is my third lineman with injury problems, but to go with that, he's also been shot and hit with a car.  Through it all, he remained standing, and pretty much dominated the ACC this past season at Boston College.  I believe Patchan could start immediately for us at RT.





7th Round Pick:  Spencer Long



Another injured lineman haha!  No pain, no gain.  I think what this shows if these guys can come in healthy, we will have a pretty spectacular group heading into the 2014 season.





Depth Chart (Starters)



QB:  Cam Newton

RB:  Storm Johnson ®

FB:  Mike Tolbert

WR: Jordan Matthews ®

WR:  Jason Avant

TE:  Greg Olsen

LT:  Antonio Richardson ®

LG:  Amini Silatolu

C:  Ryan Kalil

RG: Edmund Kugbila

RT: Matt Patchan ®



RE:  Greg Hardy

DT:  Star Lotulelei

DT:  Kawann Short

LE:  Charles Johnson

OLB:  Thomas Davis

MLB:  Luke Kuechly

OLB:  AJ Klein (A.K.A. Shadow Kuechly)

CB:  Melvin White

FS:  Thomas DeCoud (FA)

SS:  Roman Harper (FA)

CB:  Antoine Cason (FA)



K:  Graham Gano

P:  Brad Nortman

KR: ?

PR: ?

#2 Jackofalltrades


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Posted 12 April 2014 - 06:06 PM

I don't see Richardson getting the nod over Hurst at LT.

Not my favorite mock but I could live with it.

#3 rayzor


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Posted 13 April 2014 - 07:42 AM

wouldn't mind it at all.

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 08:04 AM

I would be okay with the outcome but I think it would be risky to wait on OT - I think there is a good chance both Tiny and Hurst would be gone at our #3 and #4 picks. I like both of those players a lot but we could be in trouble if there is a run on OTs early in the third round.

Not sure how I'd feel about Matthews in the first - I would not hate it but he's not my favorite. I'm no scout though and I'd agree that we need playmakers at WR - so I do hope we address that need early.

Edit: Just watched the highlight video you linked on Matthews. Was very impressed with his route running - stayed low, very good in and out of his breaks. I remembered him catching a lot of screen passes from seeing his SEC games but that reel showed very good route diversity. Feeling better about him as a #1. I think there is a much higher chance we draft Matthews than Benjamin if both are available - Matthews fits the description if what Rivera said we were looking for in a WR.

I like Storm Johnson - he would be excellent value in the fifth round.

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 09:04 AM

It would be an alright draft and I admire you for not mocking the same group almost everyone does. I really like Hurst and would rather us take him in the 3rd then Tiny Richardson. But other then that, I have no complaints.

#6 davos



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Posted 13 April 2014 - 01:46 PM

Cooks-Turner-Bailey is my dream draft.

Big play WR, LT/RT, FS hybrid

#7 Shermdog


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Posted 13 April 2014 - 05:00 PM

Cooks-Turner-Bailey is my dream draft.

Big play WR, LT/RT, FS hybrid

I like that and then Latimer in the 4th!

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 05:31 PM

problem is that you're taking a big risk with no OT in rds 1 or 2. If it works out that Tiny and Hurst are there in the 3rd & 4th, great draft. If there is a run on OTs, we go into training camp looking for other teams to cut a quality OT during preseason. Not likely to happen. Since DG failed to land a starter during FA, i think we have to go OT in rd 1 or 2, even if it is not bpa.

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 07:50 PM

I'm actually more thank cool with drafting Storm late in the draft. think he could be a steal 

#10 Kuech the Sneak

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Posted 14 April 2014 - 10:13 AM

Wouldn't mind that, pretty good tackle combo

#11 JawnyBlaze


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 01:52 PM

Love the first pick, I'm ok with the second but I'm on the Billy Turner-in-the-second bandwagon.  If he's not there then I'm fine with a CB or someone else, but if he is there I think he's plug and play at LT.  Might not be an All Pro in his rookie season, but he'll be light years ahead of anything we have now and will get better.


My preference for Turner would obviously change the 3rd round pick, probably to a Keith McGill or some other CB or WR but beyond that change I'd be happy with your draft.  Hurst would have an opportunity to heal up and could turn into solid depth, might even allow us to give Bell the boot.  We'll need a RB sooner rather than later and I don't know much about your guy but if he's a good player he's worth a 5th round shot.


My biggest problem - drafting 3 OTs?  I think it's a bit of overkill.  Draft 1 or 2, keep Bell in the running (as bad as Bell can be, a 6th round guy probably isn't going to come in and supplant him immediately.  Would 2011 Bell beat out 2014 Bell?  Not likely.)  If one of them is going to have to redshirt a year, draft a second at most.  But my preference would be Turner in the 2nd with ideas of him starting LT.  Draft a Hurst or a Richardson or a James or whatever in the 4th or 5th as the backup plan and eventual RT.  Don't need more than that.

#12 Matthias


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 03:03 PM

For those who said there might be a run on OTs in the early third round, I don't know.  I'm thinking any team who is needy at the OT position, will draft them in the second round.  So once the third round comes in, they will select at another position of need.  So if we did risk it, we should get at least one dependable tackle with our third pick.  There's a good chance Hurst will fall.  Other than his match up with Clowney, he hasn't gotten much publicity. (Of course I know scouts pay attention to everyone, and not looking at who Mel Kiper is hyping up)  So Hurst and perhaps Richardson will both be available by our third pick.  If not, perhaps a JuWann James and Cameron Fleming.



@ Jawny, three OTs may be one too many, but I like Patchan's athleticism.  I can imagine him pulling a lot, giving our runners that extra punch.  After watching these past three years or so of our runners not seeing any kind of lanes to run through, I would want to make sure our line is super strong in that area this year.  Of course I don't have to mention how much money we have wrapped in the back field.  With all that money and talent, we should be one of the most feared rushing teams in the league. (Even though I know we may not focus on the run that much, but when we do run...)  I want to see a resurrection of the Million Dollar Backfield.

#13 Rise of The Hive

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Posted 15 April 2014 - 10:41 PM

I guess I could live with it.

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