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#2868491 Cam in HD

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:52 PM

It does a decent job


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#2868487 Cam in HD

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:48 PM

Well damn if amazon has it for $50 off, that's just a drop in the ol' financial bucket.

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Took three sessions of photographing women in their underbritches to pay it off. Life, it's rough.

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#2868473 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:37 PM

Considering they are still crying over the Kuechly hold that had nothing to do with Brady's pass being intercepted, I'd say they are the authority on butthurt

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#2868430 Cam in HD

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 08:07 PM


#2868412 Cam in HD

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 07:57 PM



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#2868152 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 05:02 PM

So basically now and in coming years the entire league should see the Patriots early IR players as eligible for immediate relocation, right?

#2868108 Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 04:47 PM

As a huge Gettleman supporter even I have to admit this was a pretty bad mistake on his part. Espescially considering the same thing happened to the Giants when he was on their staff.

#2867862 Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 4

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 02:51 PM

Carolina Panthers training camp is in full swing. Practice began at 9:25 with cooler temperatures.

As I made my way to the practice field, I finally ran into Jordan Gross. He ignored me.

Posted Image

Star was warming up before practice.
Posted Image

It is amazing how these guys his size can just explode into action. If I tried that I am fairly certain I would be at the chiropractor every day for a month.

The punt returners today stayed the same. Cason, Barner, Brown. Punts were done by machine, so there was more predictability and less drops. Perhaps building the confidence of the returners?

Posted Image

Ricky Proehl was on the sidelines catching a few passes. I am certain he could suit up tomorrow if need be. OIe Ricky still got it.
Posted Image

With Deangelo Williams taking a veteran rest day, Kenjon Barner saw increased play time.
Posted Image

I don't know what to make of Barner. In some ways he looks like he could really make an impact on this team. Then you see him get stifled behind the line and you question it all. It could go either way with him this season. I won't be shocked to see him on the final roster, and I wouldn't be shocked if he wasn't.

Cam has decided to make things a little more challenging for the receivers in some of the passing drills. Every once in a while he will run up and scream at them just as the ball reaches them. Couldn't hurt, right?
Posted Image

Mike Tolbert also had a good number of carries today. I still feel he is our best running back. I have noticed and increased burst at the line, possibly due to him shedding 12 pounds this offseason.
Posted Image

There is one thing you absolutely cannot teach a quarterback, and that is height.
Posted Image

Ed Dickson looks like a solid offseason signing. When I watch Dickson (and all of the Panthers tight ends for that matter) play, I am much less concerned about the turnover at wide receiver from last season. Between Olsen, Dickson, and Williams... the receiving talent is there.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Nate Chandler once again spent a lot of time at left tackle next to Amini Silatolu. The more I watch them work, the more excited I get. I know there are many doubters out there, but I think they will be pleasantly surprised. These two are extremely athletic and seem to gel well together.

Chandler matched up very well against Greg Hardy today. His feet seem to have gotten quicker since OTA's.
Posted Image

Byron Bell also spent time at left tackle today, so the matter is far from settled. You have to wonder though, how much longer will it be before the coaches make a decision? Surely they want their new starting left tackle to have plenty of time to settle in to the position.

Posted Image

Joe Webb does a good job of running the ball. He may be worth keeping around, if nothing more than a scout QB for the Panthers to practice against the shiftier running quarterbacks. Just as long as he is not counted on to throw the ball. He was either long or short all day today.
Posted Image

Jason Avant had another solid showing today. On one sidelines throw he was able to reach and make the grab while dragging his toes out of bounds. I am not sure if he will be starting, but I do feel he is an upgrade over Hixon from last year.

Posted Image

After practice, instead of heading in, Jason Avant decided to get in some extra work. The ball machine shot low passes to him, as he practiced bringing them in. You have to love that work ethic.
Posted Image

Cam cooled down on the exercise bike. Until he learned that Peter King was at camp...
Posted Image

and then it was...

Posted Image

Poor Peter. :(

Today's Rising Players

- Jason Avant. Like I said, the guy keeps catching balls and making plays. It will be noticed eventually. A highlight of my day was watching him toss aside DT Linden Gaydosh in a special teams drill.
- Carrington Byndom. Solid day for this undrafted rookie corner. Ball hawked most of the day and capped it off with a beauty of an INT.
- Melvin White. The former undrafted rookie also had a solid day. Maybe Gettleman just has a knack for spotting undrafted corner talent?
- Nate Chandler. Looking more and more confident as he gains experience at LT. As such, I become less and less worried.

Today's Falling Players
- Matt Blanchard. Blanchard has a habit of setting up his tight ends or receivers to be demolished in the middle of the field by the safeties. I really hope the coaches get him out of that habit before preseason.
- Receiving Corps. Too many drops today to mention. Even the sure handed Bersin had a few.
- The rest of the team. After practice, Ron Rivera gave the team a longer than usual speech away from the media. From what I saw, and judging by the bulging veins in his neck, he was not at all pleased with the effort put forth at practice today. I expect the team will show up tomorrow ready to work.

I will be there, once again, to provide you with these photos and observations you have grown to tolerate.

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#2867709 Your afternoon inspiration....

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 01:19 PM


#2867696 Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 01:09 PM

Good lord, All I say is that Ealy was trying spin move after spin move and it reminded me of Everette Brown (which it would to anyone who remembers Brown) and so many get their panties in a wad. I didn't say Ealy was a bust. I didn't say Ealy wouldn't amount to anything. I just made a simple observation. Some of you really need to take a step back and stop being so anxious to be outraged over football. Its not healthy.

#2867381 Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 09:15 AM

Mri is happening now. Word is its just a precaution. Bumping knees hurts but usually nothing serious.

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#2867238 Heading down to practice... follow @CarolinaHuddle for updates

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Today, 05:53 AM

Once again I am making the trek for you jokers. I will be sure to investigate how deep the Peter King butthurt really goes.



Pics and writeup coming this afternoon, until then follow @CarolinaHuddle for musings.

#2866995 Tackle might not be as bad as we thought.

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 08:43 PM

You all just pray that neither of those guys gets injured. Because if either does.... ugh

#2866981 Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 3

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 08:32 PM

It was an exciting day at training camp. Getting to see the guys in pads for the first time this season revealed a few new things you just cannot see without contact.

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to have been taken during the full team drills. As such, many of my observations will be without images.

Most players did not sign autographs while coming on to the practice field. Kelvin Benjamin, Luke Kuechly, and Antoine Cason made at least some time for the fans, so big ups to them.

Posted Image

Some players made time for mosquito repellant. Those things will eat you alive in the shady areas.
Posted Image

But I digress....

The day started with the usual drills.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Then, the passing drills started.

Kelvin Benjamin had a great day. I am not sure it is possible to overthrow the man.
Posted Image

He made catches on the sidelines and over the middle. I didn't see him drop a single catchable ball all day. I am telling you all right now that he is the real deal and will have an immediate impact on the offense as a rookie. At this point, and I know its early, I would be shocked if he is not a day 1 starter.

He looks better right now than Brandon Lafell ever did.

Bersin also continues to impress. I spoke to a Panthers staff member who told me he would be shocked if Bersin did not make the squad.
Posted Image

I enjoy watching Cotchery play. He does all of the little veteran things to gain advantage. A little grab here, a little push there, but never enough to draw a flag. It quickly becomes obvious the guy just knows hot to play the game at the highest level.
Posted Image

Bene Benwikere flashes from time to time. He has a knack for closing quickly in and getting a hand on the ball. The coaches spend quite a bit of time with Bene. That tells me they see real potential in him
Posted Image

Ken Dorsey ran the QB drills on the far field where I was the only one to look on. I am glad I did. Included in this year's drill selection is a heavier emphasis on moving in the pocket and avoiding contact. While having to hi step over obstacles, Dorsey would rush in and grab a shoulder. I think getting these guys accustomed to improvising in the pocket is a great thing, especially considering the question marks surrounding the Panthers offensive line.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Speaking of offensive line... today we saw the offensive line vs defensive line, full contact, for the first time this season.

Lyndon Gaydosh has a size advantage over Brian Folkerts, but was unable to take advantage.
Posted Image

Star won the battle between he and Amini Silatolu. Amini did fairly well though and in all fairness not many guys could go one on one with Star and do very well.
Posted Image

Kawaan Short versus free agent offensive tackle Oscar Johnson went ... well... the picture says it all.

Posted Image

Nate Chandler took on Charles Johnson and Chandler actually had the upper hand. It is unclear if Johnson had poor footing or if Chandler actually dominated him.

The most interesting matchup was Trai Turner versus the veteran Dwan Edwards. During the first round, Trai Turner easily won. For round two, turner was outmatched by Edwards and was pushed back about 10 yards. Apparently, Edwards did not appreciate being handled by the rookie in round 1. At that point Turner was pulled aside and coached up.

Posted Image

Turner bounced back and did very well all day long in the team drills, at one point pushing Edwards several yards up field.

It appears, folks, that Turner really is the road grader he was billed as.

Brief intermission... here is a picture of Ryan Kalil. I am not sure I have ever seen him smile on the practice field this year, and I am OK with that.

Posted Image

Players Rising:

- Kelvin Benjamin. So far he appears to be everything he was supposed to be, and more.
- Trai Turner. Playing with the first string and already looking competent. On one particular play he was able to pull right and seal off the block for a Kenjon Barner screen. Pretty advanced stuff for a rookie.
- Philly Brown. Has made key plays two days in a row now in the passing game. If he can learn to hang on to punts a roster spot could be secured for him.
- Tight Ends. Probably the most impressive offensive unit the Panthers have. Brandon Williams caught a beautiful long bomb today, catching it over his should, in perfect stride. Possibly the best catch of training camp so far. A;l of the tight ends made plays today. Four Tight End set anyone?
- Bene Benwikere. Really like this kid's game, I think he could potentially contribute quickly.
- Nate Chandler. Chandler is still getting a lot of time at left tackle and looks very solid. At this point, I think the job may be his to lose.

Players Falling:

- 2nd and 3rd string offensive line. These guys are getting obliterated out there. The Panthers have little depth in this area, pray for a healthy season.
- Punt returners. At this point Cason looks to be the best of the bunch, but he has only returned 2 punts since 2011. The Panthers may need to look for an experienced hand here or once again special teams may cost them a game (or two).

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#2866806 Classifieds: looking for someone who can catch a punt

Posted by Jeremy Igo on Yesterday, 05:01 PM

I think Bersin should be given a shot at it.

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