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It is time to recognize greatness!

08 December 2013 - 12:28 PM

I start this post acknowledging that I jumped on the Panthers bandwagon when they drafted Cam Newton. since then I joined the Huddle, starting listening to Charlotte sports radio, reading the Observer, and scouring the Internet for Panthers news.

For two seasons I experienced a lot of disappointment, with only a few amazing Luke and Cam stats to reward me for my patience. This season began like the others, I could not see the vision of our coaching staff leading us to the promised land, and then the wining streak began, coaches started putting together effective game plans for all phases of the team. The defense has been amazing they have given up maybe 2 touchdowns in the first half.

The offense has not been spectacular, but they have been efficient, the aikman ratings, and our points per drive stats lead the league.

Now what Jr, Gettleman, and Riveria has created is a team, not reliant on stars, capable of holding their own against the best that the NFL has to offer. They have answered every challenge, I expect tonight to be no different. I now understand the vision, and I expect greatness!

Panthers win! Keep pounding!

Shula please watch FSU Game

03 September 2013 - 08:04 AM

That was some of the most beautiful play calling I have ever seen.

A redshirt freshman completed 92.6% of his passes for 356 yards and 4 passing touchdowns, and 1 rushing touchdown.

If our offense can look similar to what I saw last nite, SUPERBOWL

Saw an interview where he mentioned Cam as one of his heroes...

Kicker-Harvard Rugland from Norway

27 August 2013 - 06:55 PM


Went 3-3 this preseason, having never played football in America. Not bad for a kid with a video


I know it's only preason but....

23 August 2013 - 07:35 AM

Isn't it so much better this morning to have positive media coverage than what we get when we lose?

Preseason Gameday Research: Ravens Edition

21 August 2013 - 10:05 AM

I was looking at some stats this morning and noticed some interesting and disturbing things, then I looked at the Ravens stats and found out we have a lot in common with the Baltimore Ravens.

I recently took some criticism for focusing on preseason events. So these stats are from the regular season.



Carolina            328

Baltimore          314



Carolina            123-171-34

Baltimore            98-182-34



Carolina            88/204

Baltimore          83/232


I think much of that comes from Newton’s running ability.



Carolina            3/9

Baltimore          6/12



Carolina            5,771

Baltimore          5,640



Carolina            988-5.8

Baltimore          1,042-5.4



Carolina            2,088

Baltimore          1,901


Most of their rushing yards are from Ray Rice.



Carolina            462-4.5

Baltimore            444-4.3



Carolina            284-490-12-8

Baltimore         334-560-11-7.1



Carolina            39

Baltimore          37


Is our defense better than the Ravens?



Carolina            16/21

Baltimore           30/33


We didn’t trust our kicker(s). Going in depth, we attempted fewer field goals as a team at every distance. Especially after 40 yards.



Carolina            44

Baltimore          44



Carolina            21-19-0-4

Baltimore            17-22-3-2


Interesting that their quarterback is worth $100Mil and ours is constantly criticized.



Carolina            29:51

Baltimore            28:39



Carolina            +1

Baltimore            +9



Carolina            11

Baltimore          13


As much as we heard about the Ravens secondary, they only have two more interceptions. Maybe our secondary isn’t as bad as we think.


Upon further review, Kuechly (2) Beason (1), and Davis (1) had 4 of the 11.


QB Discussion

The QB’s are almost like twin brothers with stats that are very similar in most categories TD, INT, Comp%, Sacks, QBR. The big difference is in number of Completions, with Newton having 280, and Flacco having  (317) 37 additional completions, but still having fewer yards passing than Newton. In addition, Newton is damn near our leading rusher for the last 2 years.

Also interesting, despite throwing shorter throws, and running more plays, he got sacked almost as much as the more athletic Newton.


Interesting Note about Kick Returns

Sione Fua a fan favorite has a 9 yard average.



Luke Kuechly led the league/team in tackles with 164, but had only 1 sack. I think that may be the only sack we had by a linebacker all year. I assume this has to do with them helping out our secondary.


We had 1084 tackles on defense, our opponents defense 975 tackles seems to be getting more rest than ours.


Random thoughts

It seems with all of the running backs we have and our success in the running game as a team, that it would be helpful, to run a no-huddle offense, that we just sending in fresh running backs for. Almost all of our running backs are averaging 10 yards a catch; with the addition of Barner this year, I would think we could turn that into something really dangerous if our receivers are still avg.


I have yet to peruse their messageboards and see what they are saying about us. Or if they even care about us for that matter.

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