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#2864046 Thursday Night Football Photo Shoot

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 25 July 2014 - 06:07 AM

I'll take Kelvin Benjamin for the block, Bob.

#2862287 Sean McDermott

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 23 July 2014 - 04:46 PM

If I remember correctly he was the scapegoat for a ton of injuries. 


I do agree that Rivera has his stamp on this defense, but McDermott makes a lot of defensive calls.   To work for Rivera and J. Johnson you would he has developed into a top notched DC.

#2862259 Sean McDermott

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 23 July 2014 - 04:24 PM

I was surprised that he didn't get a head coaching job.  What I have always wondered was as a disciple of Jimmy Johnson will he do what he does best. Will he hang around and run a great defense forever or will he jump to be a head coach.  There are some coaches that are better coordinators than head coaches.


I hope he stays a long time with Rivera but I think another top 5 defense and he will be gone.



#2862230 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 23 July 2014 - 04:10 PM

Shula is a dolt and he is still here for one reason, system consistency for our QB. My concern about Rivera may be a little trivial but now he has seemed to embrace this Riverboat nickname. Now is he going to feel like he has to gamble to live up to his new twitter handle? 4th and 1 giveth, 4th and 1 taketh away. I doubt he morphs into some Yosemite Sam shoot from the hip coach, but he should leave the Riverboat nickname stuff with the 2013 season. Using it as a twitter handle could backfire.

I'd love to see Shula shitcanned though.

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I really believed that Shula was going to take what was good in Chudz game.  Add it to his running game mentality and really grow into a good offensive coordinator. 


We were at the top of the list in ball control and he gets some credit for that but I truly believe he is afraid to throw the ball too much.  WE had a similar cast of characters at WR and went backwards in number of big plays between 2012 and 2013.


I hope the Ramsdell hiring wakes him up.    I don't want Chudz again but I also don't want Davidson all over again either.


My support line is very thin for him.  Get is together Shula or hit the road.

#2861243 Panthers cut LB Billy Boyko

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 22 July 2014 - 06:04 PM

San Diego just cut their 2009 1at round pick.  LB English.


Wonder if The SD to Carolina Shuffle continues.

#2861203 Speed & Quickness at WR

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 22 July 2014 - 05:07 PM

I'm fine with the group we have. The media will continue to understimate them, but who cares, they should have a chip on their shoulders at this point. Honestly I'm more concerned about picking up where we left off in the return game, and obviously the OL gelling quickly.




Avant and Cotchery may not be blazing speed but they know how to get open and that is what we need.  When they get open, history says that when the ball is thrown to them, they catch it.


Add Underwood with blazing speed., similar to Ginn, you have the take the top off the defense player. 


Finally the Rookie KB.  I have predicted in a couple other threads that KB will be Rookie in name only.  I believe the friendship and closeness that KB and Cam are developing is gong to show on the field.


I believe that Cam is going to make KB be a better player right off the bat.  Cam is going to show a leadership with KB that we have not seen from him yet.  I believe Cam is overly excited about working with KB.  He doesn't have a go to guy and Cam wants him to be that go to guy.  Why not, 6'5" with an ungodly catch radius.

#2857185 Top three concerns going to camp

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 18 July 2014 - 03:43 PM

I know it has been discussed before but instead of digging for the latest thread.  I started this one.


I am an eternal optimist.  I have faith in our GM.


That said.


Our whole season IMO evolves around three major areas.


Both Tackle positions, Wide receiver and our DBs


3.  Defensive Backfield:  Our front seven could make a high school defensive backfield tops in the NFL  I like the additions of Cason and bring Cotchery back. Drafting Benwikere could be a steal. Moving Godfrey could really solidify the corner position.  I think camp starts with White and Thomas  but could very well end with Godfrey and Cason.  Or any combination of the above.  I really think Benwikere is going to help us forget about Munnerlyn.


At the Safety position we bring in two former pro bowlers in DeCoud and Harper.  Though a little thin after those two if Lester continues to grow and Boston has a chance to learn from some of the best in the league.  Our safety position is going to be solid.  What intrigues me the most is the veterans DeCoud and Harper.  You have guys that know what to do and put them with the best front seven in football.  That only makes them more dangerous.


In conclusion I think our defensive backfield is going to be much better than last season.  Which is why it is 3rd biggest concern.


2. Wide Receiver: Every week we here how Cam isn't going to have anyone to throw to.  Last year was the first year I cringed about Cam throwing to Steve Smith.  He had drops that we not consistent with what we expected from No. 89.  Before I say this.  Steve Smith was one of my favorite players and will always be one of my favorite players. But honestly I got tired of the over pumped antics he gave us after a 5 yd reception.  The high adrenaline slapping of the helmet and trash talking was getting old. Which IMO was one reason why we parted ways.


Out goes Ginn, Lafell, SS and Hixon.  They got the job done and each will have highlight reels that will always be apart of the Panthers but when 2014 is over.   Benjamin, Avant, Cotchery and Underwood will have similar highlights.  They have better hands and know the game of football.  They'll get open and make the catches.  This doesn't even count, King, McNutt or even Pilares.  We are going to have a better receiving corps than 2013.  It is hard to believe or accept because none of us have seen any of these guys play.  In 1995 we had receivers none of us ever saw before and we set an NFL record with the best record of an inaugural franchise year.  In 1995 (in a tougher era for passing) We have over 3000 yds passing. we were 24th in the league and a rookie team.  In 2013 we were 29th.  If our passing game improves 5 spots it would mean our new receiving corps was a small success.   IMO we will be middle of the road.  14-18 is my guess.


An added thought.   Cam working and hanging out with Benjamin is two-fold.  I think Cam cares and wants the Rookie to get off on the right foot off the field.    On the field I don't think Cam is going to let him have a Rookie year.  I think Cam is going to push him to be a true #1 out the gate.     The excitement we have in the potential of Benjamin will be seen in 2014.


1.  Offensive Tackle.  I put it as offensive tackle because the right tackle is fighting for the left tackle position and if he wins we than have to fill the right tackle position.   Three names fight for these two positions. Chandler, Bell and Williams.  I think the majority of the huddle wants Chandler at LT and Williams at RT.   I think this battle is going to show whether Bell, the left hander, does better at the left side then the right because he is left handed.   Are the two years in training as our future left tackle going to happen for Chandler? IsWilliams going to come in and take one of those jobs from these two?  I think Chandler will win the LT spot and it is choose your poison on RT.  What I think the front office is betting.  Chandler wins LT and we sign a veteran for the right side.   What kills me is that this, of all three of these concerns, is the biggest.


I will say there is a wild card in the O-line situation.  WE have Silatolu returning and IMO Turner wins the other guard spot.  Stewart is as healthy as any of us can remember.  I believe that we are going to try to get our running game so strong that defenses will play the run.  That in itself should help the pass blocking.   


In the next 6 weeks we are going to see who wins what.  We are going to see if Gettleman is a magician.  I believe we start week one with a win and our season goes good.


But then again....  I am an eternal optimist.



#2850444 Cam is the most overrated player in the NFL

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 14 July 2014 - 04:43 PM

that whole list is sh!t.



just delete this and apologize.




except for Matt Ryan




Couldn't help it.  Though we have had some decent posts lately.  These last two weeks before training camp is getting mighty thin on good stuff. 


I take it back... sorry

#2850264 Why Nate Chandler is the LT of the future

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 14 July 2014 - 01:59 PM

This is like a two year project.  We remember Chandler was filling in on the O-Line while he was on the practice squad in 2012.  This isn't some spur of the moment decision to get this guy to play on the offensive line.


His athleticism has never really been questioned and he has been working with Ray Brown and Jackie Slater?  Who better to learn from.  What is that like 35 years worth of experience?


I believe DG has no doubt that Chandler will succeed.  Our whole season offensively rides on Chandler.  If there were any doubt he would have signed someone as a "Just in Case".  I do believe we will sign someone when 53 man rosters are set but that person will be a back up not our starter.

#2841485 Nice Article on Dwan Edwards

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 07 July 2014 - 05:56 AM





I think he has been a perfect mentor to Star and Short.  I like his game and the rotation keeps everyone fresh.  I like that he would like to stay in Carolina.   If he takes a modest paycheck I hope we keep him here. 

#2841113 How Much Pressure on KB13?

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 06 July 2014 - 02:10 PM

I know some will probably say it's not that big a deal, but I think the relationship that Cam and Kelvin are quickly developing will have an impact. Just how much is yet to be determined, but that goes a good ways in helping, especially for a rookie learning and adjusting as he goes.


I don't think this should be underestimated.  You work with a guy and you become good friends there will be a bond made.  A trust level. 


I Posted a couple weeks ago.  If Avant, Cotchery and Underwood all achieve the numbers they did last year.  KB would only have to record about 500 yards or so and 1 TD to match what our receiving corps did last year.   I think the bond will give him that plus an additional 300 yds.  800 yds and 7 TDs


If I were a betting man I would bet Cam's first pass of the season goes to KB on a safe route.  Give him a touch early and start to build that confidence from the Get go.

#2836736 "I want my place on this team"

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 01 July 2014 - 04:54 AM

I hope he makes at least the practice squad.

#2835101 Thomas Davis more than likely will retire a Panther

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 29 June 2014 - 12:51 PM

You know if TD hadn't of gotten hurt those 2 1/2 seasons we might be talking about our first HOFer.  He was having a Pro Bowl season the year he got hurt.  I would go on a limb and say if he has a couple more really outstanding seasons he may just have an outside chance anyhow.


Gale Sayers made it the HOF though he had played less than most RB in the Hall.  Davis's e ACL story is going to put him on the list when he finally retires.  We can only hope he gets in.


Regardless he will be in the Panther Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor and should have a statue at BOA.  I know I would stand in line to have a picture next to it.  The man is a class act through and through and an outstanding role model for any young kid. 


People bitch about JR all the time but as a former player he knows what it takes.  He knew all along TD heart was as big as the football field he plays on.  I admired the Panthers for standing by him. 


The last day he wears a Panther uniform will be a very sad day.  A great LB, a great player, A great leader and most importantly A great man.

#2830208 Rivera talks up Newton's leadership

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 25 June 2014 - 04:10 PM

And if gettleman turns out to be right about our OTs, look the fug out!


NO KIDDING!!!!   The interior part of the line is going to be awesome.  Those tackles shape up.  We could be ready for the next step. 


The first year or two Cam was so used to winning he didn't know how to handle losing.  Now he has been through three solid seasons.   He knows he isn't going to get a Auburn vs Western Kentucky game.  EVER.   The only way you win is being the best at your job.  I think Cam's confidence is high and he will be in the discussion for OPOY.

#2830165 Make or break year for Shula (I hope)

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 25 June 2014 - 03:44 PM

Ramsdell is the man that is going to save Shula.   Actually Shula will have the title but I believe this is going to be Offensive Coordinator by committee.

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