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#3104287 Stupid ESPN article about KB

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on Today, 12:48 AM

Anyone that calls KB a bust knows absolutely nothing about football.  Borderline Troll.

#3102798 How often will Shula try and stretch the field with Brown?

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on Yesterday, 08:08 AM

Rivera said their reasoning was Brown brought the ability to stretch the field.  


We have probably the strongest in the NFL.   Let's see him use it.


And I hope we see more of Colin Jones on defense.

#3102677 RIP KB's OROY chances

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on Yesterday, 12:08 AM

KB has made some pretty incredible catches too.  


The catch was amazing and one of the best I have ever seen but one spectacular catch does not make one season.   KB has pretty much put up the most consistent numbers this year.  Only a couple of games with little production.   He might not win but he'll be in the discussion without a doubt.

#3100503 Offensive Coordinator Options

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 21 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

I have never been a fan of the WCO and I hope we don't bring someone in under that system.   I don't believe Cam would fair to well under that system.




#3096515 Panthers Highlight Reel - moRon Rivera's Dumbest Decisions

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 18 November 2014 - 10:22 PM

Add Steve Smith to this list as well.  The man is on a pace for over a 1000 yds. 


As much as he was a cancer he was also a lifetime Panther.

#3096505 Win..... and you're IN

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 18 November 2014 - 10:13 PM

This has been a crazy season.  Why can't to get a little more crazy.   With Tolbert back things could change.


I have said it before and I will say it again.   Until we are mathematically eliminated I will always believe their is hope.


After we are eliminated then I hope we win to bump someone else out of the playoffs.



#3096466 A Small Theory

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 18 November 2014 - 09:36 PM

Why can't it just be, "we dont have any cap space so we had to let good players go and replaced them with not so good players and the whole team has suffered"?


Because it makes too much sense and sabotaging your franchise QB or Coach of the Year is so much more plausible.

#3092792 Rivera's Blunder - Illustrated

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 17 November 2014 - 07:15 AM

Jeremy what a great way to put this.  I was watching early in the morning.  2am start time for me.   I just couldn't believe that we finally got on a roll and we settled for this crap.


Rivera said.  Make them use their timeouts.   For Christ sake.  1:40 is a lifetime for a pass happy offense.  Get the ball on the 20 and only have to go about 50 yards.   Ingredients for a loss.


I could not figure out.  ONE fugging first down and we are closer to field goal and can run the clock down.  


I have been a supporter of Rivera and maybe he didn't trust Shula but damnit.  Everyone wanted to go for it. 


I guess we'll never learn at least with Rivera.

#3092740 HC Candidates & their potential schemes

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 17 November 2014 - 03:15 AM

IMO, there's no way Richardson lets Dave fire Rivera. Shula is definitely gone and I wouldn't be shocked if McDermott is gone with him.

HC/DC- Rivera

OC- ???

Let Rivera take over as DC and keep himself occupied with what he does best. Hire an offensive guru with HC experience to run the offense. No more ball control run game horse shít. Fix the offense and unleash Cam. Become an offensive team. No more defensive team horse shít. Our best player is a QB. Rivera is a great DC and will be able to keep the defense in the top half of the league without needing Pro Bowlers everywhere. With a great OC running the offense with Cam you don't need a top 5 defense. Rivera just has to accept that and go with it. His way doesn't work in today's league.


The defense has been playing much better and McDermott deserves to stay. 


Part of Rivera ineptness might be that Shula doesn't instill too much confidence.  Look back at the 3rd Qtr.  How many 3rd and manageable did we have?  Shula calls a WTF play and we punt.   Gano has been money inside of the 50 and Shula definitely doesn't have a clue how to get a first down on a 3rd and 2 or 3.  I wanted them to go for it but honestly I didn't think he would call a good play and we would have had to kick it from that distance.  


Bottom line,  Rivera needs an OC who can convert on 3rd and short.  I agree Richardson keeps Rivera but 2015 is it.  But we need an offensive coordinator the moment the season is over.   Period.

#3086217 The Gettleman Experience

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 14 November 2014 - 03:45 AM

Our GM came in last year and did probably the worst thing he could have ever done to this franchise.  Hit a home run with every move.  Every draft pick and free agent signing seemed to be the right one.  And IMO he will hit more home runs than strike outs in the future.


But those damn home runs ruined his plan.   I don't think he ever envisioned that we would win the NFCS.  But we did.  What a good team that was too.  Tough, nasty and had a killer instinct but in the end even our own flaws were found out.


I understood why he kept Hardy and IMO it was the right decision.  You keep that nasty front four going and hopefully the cheaply signed back end will be able to hold its own.   Then the wheels fell off.   Hardy gets a early all expenses paid vacation and to make matters worse.  Alexander decides he can fool the system and get caught again.  So now we lose what I thought would be a valid replacement for Hardy.   Now the defense is not as good.    I think they have played better but the offense is in the toilet.


Gettleman, Rivera and Shula all blew smoke up our asses about Bell and Chandler.   They had us believing that all was going to be well in 2014 with our oline.  Bell looks like a turnstile and Chandler looks like a floor mat.   Kalil can't do it by himself, Turner's been hurt and Norwell is just getting warm.   The worst offensive line in history.  Good God say it isn't so.   But even then I got the idea.  I don't think for one second Chandler or Bell were long term solutions but I do believe that Gettleman and the Panthers thought they could stand up for one season.   It was a huge gamble and it didn't pay off. 


Most of us can see what the plan was but either we choose to believe it is all Gettleman's fault or Rivera's fault or even Shula. 


But the bottom line is Hurney continues to screw this team.  Gettleman is a good GM and in the end we will be happy we kept him. I think he will continue to try and get this franchise headed in the right direction.   Though the pitchfork and axe folks want to drag him to the guillotine I think he will get us right by 2016. 


The moves I think he should make.


Coaches everyone stays except Shula.  Bring in someone with an imagination and someone who will use Cam and his superman style and make him great.   


Get some guys who can get some separation to help Cam.  Brown and KB are a good start but they need more help.


Continue to scrape the talent pool and find those players that will fit our scheme for one season until this Cap hell is over.


2015 Offseason should be focused on OTs.  I would say 2 Free Agents and a minimum of 2 high draft picks.  We have to protect our QB.   I will be shocked if this isn't priority #1 as soon as the season is over.


It is sad that we are on the brink of a losing season.   Basically 2 more loses and the season is officially a losing season.


Maybe something drastic happens and Rivera Nov-Dec magic returns and we win out. 


Regardless, Gettleman isn't the cause of this mess.  He made a few back choices but they had to be made and there is a good argument for those moves.   Whether the outcome was as he planned is a mute point.  The decision was made and it was an attempt not to mortgage the future to give us back to back winning seasons. 


Those of you that call for his head really need to take a step back and look at what he inherited and where he took us before you can him.


Maybe next season he'll give us 2013 again and 2016 we'll have our back to back winning seasons.


GO Panthers

#3086206 Steve Logan absolutely nails it about Cam Newton and Panthers

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 14 November 2014 - 02:40 AM

He said in that interview something along the lines of "I'd kill to get a chance to coach that kid." Not those exact words but same thing basically.


IMO Steve Logan got a bad deal from ECU.  He took ECU to a level that no one ever knew before.  I think he had a bad season or two but for what he did for ECU was nothing more than a miracle.   He made them relevant and could have gone elsewhere after a good season but stayed for 10 yrs.


Greatest Coach in ECU history.  Yeah I know Pat Dye was there but wasn't there as long.

#3083623 and then, there is this.....

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 12 November 2014 - 08:58 AM

David Newton @DNewtonespn 3m3 minutes ago

Ron Rivera, Mike Shula believe #Panthers are on the cusp of success total failure offensively 



Just going to leave this here.



#3083472 The Truth - by SCP

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 12 November 2014 - 03:35 AM

I think it's time to have a little Internet come to Jesus session. Like a herd of fatasses at the Golden Coral when they ring the hot yeast roll bell, it's time to pull up a chair and belly up to the truth. That truth, hard to swallow as it may be, last year was an anomaly during a 3+ year Hurney-cleansing rebuilding process that gave Panther fans false hope. I have talked more poo than most about my Panthers. All the while knowing our faults. I laughed off the pundits negative stories while I knew they were mostly true. I forced myself into some utopian frenzy of false hope that Shula would have an epiphany and Byron Bell would morph into the next Anthony Munoz. I will do it again Sunday morning like a moth to a flame. I will picture the face of that bitchy little QB in Atlanta with his Nancy boy "get off my field" scowl and run into BofA thinking we will win like a dumbass sheep. I used to bang a chick in college that worked at a Western Sizzler in Sylva, NC. Her sole job there was to make green beans. Every fuging day, make green beans. I'd throw her the D in the morning and then I'd get real with her before she got in her shitty Lumina and drove to work at that shithole. The truth was, green beans don't cook themselves. They take time (like 5 minutes). They take ingredients like salt and bacon. She'd always bitch about how much work it took to make 800 lbs of green beans everyday for a bunch of ungrateful mountain folk. Point is, green bean don't just green bean. And like it or not we are in the middle of a rebuild. 2013 was awesome, but you could almost read it on Dave's face after the year when he was up on the podium. He knew we overachieved. This is a long process thanks to some of the dumbest contracts ever handed out by a GM. It sucks but it's the truth. The foundation is in place but the bacon is not going in the green beans until that shitty Lumina gets an oil change.

You are all now dumber for reading this.


Probably the worst thing that could have happened.  He hit a HR on just about every free agent and did well in the draft. 


Kind of reminds me of the 2013 Chris Davis vs 2014 Chris Davis.  (Baltimore Oriole Slugger)  Dude jumped out of his skin and hit 50 some odd home runs in 2013.  2014 it was nearly half that.  Same guy just did it differently in 2013.


While I agree DG has a plan to get us out of this hell there still needs to be some changes.   Preferably SHULA.


#3080725 Your the GM, how do you fix this train wreck?

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 11 November 2014 - 04:02 AM

The issue isn't Rivera.  IMO the issue is two fold. 


1. Our offense has ZERO imagination.   I was watching the other night where there were 4 and 5 WR sets and running the ball. 


2. It wouldn't matter because we don't have enough people to execute it.


I do believe the defensive scheme is good and we should try and retain that mentality.  I think we had our issues but they seem to be playing better.   5 turnovers even the best defense in the league is not going to save us.


As the GM.  The Offensive line is without a doubt the biggest issue I would address.   Just like in 2013 we addressed the Defensive line, Now we must address the offensive line.


We have to let Hardy walk,.  Gotta happen.  We have to have some cash to address a top-flight free agent OT to care for Cam.  NO IFs, ANDs or BUTs about it. 


As much as I hate the Thrift Store mentality of Gettleman.  You have to continue finding talent at the rock bottom value until we get out of this mess.


Look Gettleman did not promise 2013 success.  He got some good talent and they meshed well with our schemes.  This year many of those didn't pan out the way they did in 2013.  


Gettleman has a plan and we have to believe that this is the ONLY way to fix it. 


As GM I think Shula has proved he cannot run an offense.  Teams take away one thing and Shula hides like Coach Klien (Waterboy reference).  We have a gifted QB and with the right mind behind it.  He will thrive in an imaginative offense. Shula has zero imagination.   Steve Smith is a prime example.  Production declined and with a good OC Steve Smith is on a pace for 1148 yds.  I know spilled milk but if he was productive last year than we probably would not have canned in in 2014.


I would put Rivera on a short leash but would not can him just yet. 

#3080627 A talented QB

Posted by DaveThePanther2008 on 11 November 2014 - 02:35 AM

We are in full meltdown mode.  Good god people you really think the issue is Cam?


I missed the first half.  After we got the ball in the second half.  They showed that clip of Cam getting sacked one after another.  The offensive line looked like anything but a line how in the world would anyone be able to get the ball out in time.


We have other issues by far before you saddle the blame on Cam.

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