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In Topic: Is Cam Newton Really A Franchise QB

Today, 01:15 AM


In Topic: Is Cam Newton Really A Franchise QB

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In Topic: Caption this Byron Bell

Yesterday, 01:36 PM

I was hoping to make a joke about cheeseburgers but this was just sad

In Topic: Damn fozzy

Yesterday, 12:39 AM

Everyone contain your boners and remember that Deangelo Williams is still a good running back.


No, Deangelo was good in 2008-2009, and afterward he's just been mediocre.  With the line the way it is this year, he might be straight up bad.  If it weren't for his contract he might have been gone a few seasons ago.  #thxhurney

In Topic: I think Webb should be our second string quarterback

Yesterday, 12:15 AM

Anderson would be a solid 1-2 week starter.  Might go 1-1, keep the ship afloat.  You're in trouble either way if Cam goes down for more than a few games.  Panthers aren't in a situation where' 8-7-1 will win the division like the Packers did in 2013 when Rodgers went down for some time.  

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