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In Topic: Jarrett Boykin Info

Today, 02:09 PM

Well, it doesn't make a Jennings signing look more likely.

I was never a fan of signing Jennings...he probably still costs too much money and I would rather see us draft a badass WR. If last years WR class is any indication, it's that rookies are coming into the NFL ready to contribute right away. As for Boykin, it sounds like a training camp body

In Topic: SB Nation does not have a clue

Today, 02:05 PM

I mean if you dig enough you can always find someone who wrote something stupid about something...

In Topic: Jarrett Boykin Info

Today, 02:02 PM

So you think this rules out the Jennings possiblity?

In Topic: 49ers Waive OT Jonathan Martin

Today, 12:42 AM

A player was released by a team, we should sign him.

In Topic: Team by Team free Agent Grades

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

Seriously who cares about free agent grades.  It's been proven year after year the draft makes a way bigger difference to your team.