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In Topic: Are we Super Bowl contenders this year?

Yesterday, 03:12 PM

From everything to ESPN to Bleacher Report believes the Carolina Panthers and Riverboat Ron have no chance to even make the playoffs this year, let alone win the Super Bowl.
I know... I know we have no LT, our WRs smell funny, and everyone calls our secondary the legion of whom?. Seriously though. Is the fan base the only people in the world that believes in this team? We had some controversial moves this offseason by letting Steve Smith go, but it had to be done for future considerations. We dealt with or should I say still dealing with the Hardy fiasco. Hopefully this will not be a cancer in the locker room this year.
We all saw a huge leap by Cam Newton and Rob Rivera last year and I think we are going to see a upward trend from this team this season. Who cares if ESPN can't name one of our WRs right now, but on opening day they will know who we are. I am tired of every article putting the panthers last in a division they dominated a season ago. Can't wait for this team to come out hungry and show the world what the Panthers are all about! Is it football season yet?!? KEEP POUNDING!








Contending for the Super Bowl is all about playing your best football come playoff time.  We are good enough to earn at least a wild card spot.  Therefore we should be as qualified as any team to be a Super Bowl contender.

In Topic: USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Yesterday, 01:30 PM

team wins NFCS, so the next logical step is to root for them to fail



hey USA Today, good work now I can leave the internet for the day

In Topic: The downsides of being rich

Yesterday, 10:16 AM

Wealth also tends to bring out people’s true colours, added Paul Buchheit. “In general, it makes people more of whatever they already were,” he said. “If you're an a------, getting more money will probably make you more of an a------. However, if you have purpose and meaning in your life that goes beyond chasing the golden carrot, money can give you the freedom to focus on the things that truly matter to you.”

In Topic: Anybody seen/heard of Snowpiercer?

Yesterday, 08:30 AM

It's playing at the independent theater here in Winston-Salem. Heard good things as well.

In Topic: Panthers cut LB Billy Boyko

22 July 2014 - 07:33 PM

Undisclosed medical condition eh?

Maybe he had a Kuato, like the guy from Total Recall or the snl skit with Andy Samberg.

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